District 11 Youth Bridge


D11 Yout Coordinator
Isaac Stephani
District 11
Youth Bridge Coordinator

Youth Bridge is critical to the future growth of our game.  I thank the Board of Directors for appointing me the District Coordinator.  I love playing bridge and will use my passion to help grow youth bridge in our District. 

To this end we will work toward these objectives in 2014:

1) Identify the Youth Bridge Contact for each Unit in District 11 and create an effective network for sharing information and plans to engage and recruit young players.

2) Create a district-wide policy standardizing youth discounts at regional tournaments and district sponsored events  (the NAP and GNT)

3) Establish a district-wide youth game(s). We will likely use one or more of the District Regionals for this purpose.  This  will require Unit involvement to advertise and engage young bridge players so we have as many youth as possible participating.

If you have ideas about starting a youth program, or how we might increase the number of players under the age of 20 playing in District 11, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Bridge Documentary  ←  See this video!