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Updated: 13 NOV 2021

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2020 February Indianapolis Growing New Bridge Players Conducting Effective Outreach with Limited Resources  
2019 Jun 3 & 4 Cincinnati ACBL Best Practices Teacher Workshop $100/person in advance $125 at door.  $50 for TAP certified Teachers. (Certification $25 extra). Reservations requred.  Details pending.  Summary
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2019 Feb 2 Indianapolis Growing Bridge Players Meeting Summary
Rubber Bridge Tournaments
Rubber Bridge Scoring
Rubber Bridge Handout
2018 Nov 9 Louisville Improving Club Game Experiences - Mike Lipp
Pianola - Baron Barclay
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2018 Sep 8

Fairborn Focus on D11 Tournaments Meeting Notes

2017 Sep 8

Fairborn Focus in D11 Teachers Meeting Notes Audio
2017 Jun 9 Cincinnati Brainstorming; Getting Started Flyer
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20190328 Units and Districts Discipline This slide presentation comes from a by-invitation seminar given by Sabrina Goley (ACBL Complince Coordinator) and Robb Gordon (ACBL National Recorder) on Thursday morning 28 March 2019 at the Memphis NABCs.  This contains best practices about choosing discipline roles,, keeping board members and key roles up to date on the ACBL.org website and on avoiding potential conflicts of interest. 
Best Practices Teacher Workshop & Certification.  This contemporary workshop is the centerpiece of ACBL’s new Teacher Certificate Program. It instructs participants on the Best Teaching Practices recommended and validated by over 400 bridge teachers in a recent survey. Training focuses on how, rather than what, to teach
ACBL Youth Bridge Support This .pdf is dated but outlines good ideas.  Will search for newer support. 
OLLI - UCincinnati
Osher Life Long Learning Institute.  Adult learning across a broad range of subjects offered at participating Universities.  You can offer beginning bridge classes and receive compensation from the ACBL and perhaps your Unit! Participants pay a nominal fee ($90 per semester) and $5 per class for all the classes they want to take.  Participating Institutions
Supervised Play 0-100 MPs, learning to play duplicate at peer tables with congenial coaches. No question too small or too frequent! Learn as you play.   Frequent teaching Games (12-18 Boards) for masterpoints.  Volunteers enjoy helping. 
Rubber Bridge Tournaments Imagine supporting a rubber bridge tournament at a hospital, church/synagogue, community center or library that attracts new players and intriduces them to your club.  The idea is to bring the game to where the players are.  They just might follow you back to the bridge club. 
Rubber Bridge,
Come & Play Bridge
Invite rubber bridge players and those just beggining to learn to play social bridge at your club.  For a modest fee people get to meet and make new friends, have fun pllaying the game and learn comfortably before entering steeper competition.  Consider having bridge socials or hosting bridge parties that might otherwise be held in a private home.  What can you do to attract new players to your club?
Bidittle Unit 124's Tricia Smaracko's creation that is a proven hit with middle and high school youth.  Start out playing with 7 cards.  Graduate to 13 card bridge as you learn. 
HOOL Invented by Amaresh Deshpande, a step up from mini-bridge in the logic of the game.  Exchange the most meaningful informatin about your hand from a list of options.  Decide the contract and declarer. 
Mini Bridge Learn to play by playing - no bidding way to learn bridge trick taking.  Milton Work Count, Partials, Games, Scoring.  Fun first! Bidding comes later.
12 SEP 2018 Board of Governors Teacher & Club Manager Committee Minutes & Reports
12 SEP 2018 Board of Governors Teacher & Club Manager Committee
12 SEP 2018 Bridge Winners Club & Teacher Forum