Columbus 2020 Committee
NABC March 2020
Updated: April 5, 2019

Status Report from the Chair:

March 2019
Announcing the D11 Promotion Game Week May 6 - 12, 2019.  Details

For each game you hold during this week you are able to simply choose “Fund” and then “NABC Promotional Game.”  Voila! No special sanction is required and the games have a sectional rating.  The cost for these games is $4 per table that is earmarked for our District 11 National. The money is to be sent to the treasurer of our NABC, Judy Auer.  Do not include these monies with your ACBL monthly report.

February 2019
We have the final artwork approved by the ACBL and ready for use.  T-Shirts are ordered.  The official ACBL Brand Elements for the Columbus 2020 event are posted below. 

The on-site walk-through with the ACBL Headquarter NABC Team and Mark hudson originally scheduled for January 29 and 30 was postponed.  Mark had to undergo minor surgery.  The meeting will reschedule shortly.  This on-site meeting reviews the site, logistics, volunteer staffing, and location of events and services.  It finalizes the restaurant and special event plans, defines the tasks required of the Columbus 2020 committee and the volunteers from District 11.  Once the meeting occurs, the Committee will have a project plan for all activities owned by the Committee.  More soon.

Units - Judy Williamson, our Volunteer Chair, will be contacting you in the near future.  Please appoint a single point of contact in your Unit who will be responsible for coordinating your Unit's volunteer efforts.  We will need people who can staff one of five services (Judy will advise your assignment): Resistrations, Prizes, I/N, Partnerships, and Information.  Your volunteers will should come from all ranges of bridge experience as we need people to work 9-10A, 12N-1P, 2-3P and 6-7P and perhaps more (times are approximate for now).  We trust each Unit will provide their fair share of volunteer help to make this NABC one of the best ever.

Committee Chair Cheryl Schneider
Treasurer  Judy Auer
Prizes Chair Eileen Erwin and Kathy Fellows
Intermediate / Newcomer Chair Tim Kohl and Joyce Penn
Partnership Chair Larry Jones
Fundraising Chair Trish Jones
Publicity Chair Terry James
Information Chair Marsha Reall and Sherry McArdle
Hospitality Chair Melissa Warheit and Anita Torrence
Restaurant and Event Guide Chair Luci Secord and Jim Bachelder
Volunteers Chair Judy Williamson 

Marketing: ACBL Columbus 2020 Brand Elements