District 11 2019 District 11 Members Qualified
for the
District 11 North American Pairs Finals

8 September 2019

To find you name, use the browser search field for this page as follows:  Click CTRL+F and a search box appears.  Type in the last name.  Click enter/search. The browser will take you there.  If your name does not appear, please contact the club at which you qualified directly. 

The finals will take place in Cincinnati on Saturday October 19, 2019 (Flight B <2500 MPs) and Sunday October 20, 2019 (Flight C - <500, NLM and Flight A, Unlimited).  You may play either day for which you qualified .  Details

Last Name First Name City State Unit
Abbott Ann Louisville KY 117
Abell Pat Campbellsville KY 117
Abney Anne Lexington KY 164
Abrams Berel Louisville KY 117
Abrams Nancy Louisville KY 117
Ackerman Charlene Owensboro KY 193
Adam Jack Dayton OH 136
Adams James Columbus OH 122
Adams Thomas Mansfield OH 122
Adams Jr William Lexington KY 164
Addleton James Lexington KY 164
Addleton Jean Lexington KY 164
Ades Joyce Reynoldsburg OH 122
Adkins John David Lucasville OH 122
Aedo Monica Columbus OH 122
Agarwal Suman Columbus OH 122
Agarwal Tim Charleston WV 227
Ahern Anthony Delaware OH 122
Ahlers Barbara Newburgh IN 193
Akhtar Masood S Charleston WV 227
Al-Qutub Ishaq Dublin OH 122
Albright Jay Columbus OH 122
Aldenderfer Charles Indianapolis IN 130
Aldenderfer Peter Indianapolis IN 130
Alexander Sheryl Evansville IN 193
Allen Diana Cross Lanes WV 227
Allen Eva Westerville OH 122
Allen Jr E Ross Cross Lanes WV 227
Alley Willie Evansville IN 193
Allison Larry Brownsburg IN 130
Allmacher Phyllis Powell OH 122
Allton M Lynn Folly Beach SC 122
Altheide Sandra Evansville IN 193
Altman Arthur Charleston WV 227
Altman John Cincinnati OH 124
Altman Nancy Charleston WV 227
Altstadt Jordan Jasper IN 193
Ambrose Mark Louisville KY 117
Ammon Peggy Burlington KY 124
Andersen Ray Newburgh IN 193
Anderson Berna Dayton OH 136
Anderson Charlie Russell Springs KY 164
Anderson Jane Louisville KY 117
Anderson Joyce Dodson Indianapolis IN 130
Anderson Loren Indianapolis IN 130
Anderson M Paulina Evansville IN 193
Anderson W Howard Fishers IN 130
Andrews Duane Louisville KY 117
Andrews Frank Cross Lanes WV 227
Angelou Karen Gahanna OH 122
Angelou Richard Gahanna OH 122
Appel Kenneth Indianapolis IN 130
Armstrong Carl Evansville IN 193
Armstrong W Richmond IN 130
Arnold Charles Indianapolis IN 130
Arnold Jayne Frankfort KY 164
Arnson Ruth Dexter MI 124
Arora Max Mohan Carmel IN 130
Arora Rana Carmel IN 130
Atkinson Jon Lancaster OH 122
Atkinson Linda Lancaster OH 122
Au Shan Westerville OH 122
Auer Judith Dublin OH 122
Augenstein Nancy Owensboro KY 193
Austin Sharon Bainbridge IN 130
Avery Doug Indianapolis IN 130
Babich Larry Marion OH 122
Babyak George Columbus OH 122
Bachelder Jim Columbus OH 122
Bailey Susan Mansfield OH 122
Baker Barbara Powell OH 122
Baker Gary S Charleston WV 227
Baker Jeanette S Charleston WV 227
Baker Patsy Prospect KY 117
Baker Sheila Indianapolis IN 130
Baldock Robin Louisville KY 117
Baldwin Roy Powell OH 122
Bale Phillip Glasgow KY 117
Bale, Jr Shelby Glasgow KY 117
Ballenger Ralph Blacklick OH 122
Balsmeyer D Monroe OH 136
Balwally Prashant Centerville OH 136
Bandoli James Evansville IN 193
Bandy Mike Loudonville OH 122
Banks Judy Elizabethtown KY 117
Bansal Ajay Cincinnati OH 124
Bantz Philip Waynesville OH 136
Banziger Georgia Dayton OH 136
Barber Patricia Louisville KY 117
Barce Pat Indianapolis IN 130
Bardach Sue Cincinnati OH 124
Barker Michelle Cincinnati OH 124
Barker Todd Cincinnati OH 124
Barnard Joe Mount Vernon OH 122
Barnes Judy Huntington WV 227
Barnes Richard Indianapolis IN 130
Baron Randy Louisville KY 117
Barr Frances Lexington KY 164
Barrett Eileen Cincinnati OH 124
Barrett James Cincinnati OH 124
Barrett Peggy Cincinnati OH 124
Barrett Terry Cincinnati OH 124
Barron Judy Cincinnati OH 124
Barth Jody Indianapolis IN 130
Barth Stearns Mary Evansville IN 193
Bartish Mary Alice Cincinnati OH 124
Bartol Bradley Indianapolis IN 130
Bartunek Ariel Bloomington IN 130
Bastin Sr Bobby Owensboro KY 193
Bates Barbara Columbus OH 122
Battey Raymond Indianapolis IN 130
Baugh Robin New Castle IN 130
Beach Arthur Columbus OH 122
Beach John Columbus OH 122
Beagle Tom Greenfield IN 130
Beamer Phyllis Louisville KY 117
Beard Melva Campbellsville KY 117
Beardsley Tom Richmond KY 164
Beaupre Albert Cincinnati OH 124
Beck Bradley Lexington KY 164
Beck Kay Noblesville IN 130
Becker Elizabeth Evansville IN 193
Becker Robert Evansville IN 193
Beddard Janice Mansfield OH 122
Belcher Donna Campbellsville KY 117
Bell Jeanne Evansville IN 193
Bell Lon Evansville IN 193
Bell Mary Lexington KY 164
Bellamy Suzanne Indianapolis IN 130
Bello Sheila Lexington KY 164
Benbow Rollin Muncie IN 130
Benedix Linda Indianapolis IN 130
Benken Joann Muncie IN 130
Bennett Darryl Lexington KY 164
Bentley Jon Mansfield OH 122
Berg John Indianapolis IN 130
Bergstein Jerry Indianapolis IN 130
Bergstein Renee Indianapolis IN 130
Berliant Mark Cincinnati OH 124
Berman Mike Louisville KY 117
Bertoldo Marilyn Lexington KY 164
Betigheimer Michael Anderson IN 130
Biery Justin Westerville OH 122
Biggs Sue Owensboro KY 193
Birbiglia Patricia Carmel IN 130
Birge Julia Indianapolis IN 130
Bishel James Columbus OH 122
Bishel John Columbus OH 122
Bishel Sue Columbus OH 122
Bishel Tom Columbus OH 122
Bishop Judith Elizabethtown KY 117
Bishopp Catherina Powell OH 122
Bissonnette Donna Clayton IN 130
Bitticker Barbara Miamisburg OH 136
Blair Suanne Morehead KY 164
Blakeman Betsy Campbellsville KY 117
Blakeman Henry Campbellsville KY 117
Blakeney Marcie Louisville KY 117
Blank Steven Louisville KY 117
Bleke Jr Carl Greenwood IN 130
Blevins Lonnie McCordsville IN 130
Bluth Helen Columbus OH 122
Boch Henry Indianapolis IN 130
Boch Pamela Indianapolis IN 130
Bockelman M Cecile Fort Mitchell KY 124
Bockmon William Louisville KY 117
Boehmer Janet Beavercreek OH 136
Boehmer Steven Beavercreek OH 136
Bogan Philip Dayton OH 136
Bogen Thomas Columbus OH 122
Bogner Judy Mansfield OH 122
Bohard Rosalind Indianapolis IN 130
Bollinger Patricia Louisville KY 117
Bolz Anita Dublin OH 122
Boncosky Joyce Indianapolis IN 130
Bone Matthew Dayton OH 136
Bonesho Janice Carmel IN 130
Bonger Didy Evansville IN 193
Bonger Robert Evansville IN 193
Booth Mary Owensboro KY 193
Bornhorst Elton Kettering OH 136
Bornhorst Roselynn Kettering OH 136
Borrmann Dorothy Louisville KY 117
Borrmann, Jr George Louisville KY 117
Boswell Agnes Cincinnati OH 124
Boswell Barbara Cincinnati OH 124
Bottom Debbie Russell Springs KY 164
Bottom Wes Russell Springs KY 164
Bottorff Carlene Jeffersonville IN 117
Bowen Frank Charlestown IN 117
Bowen James Charlestown IN 117
Bowen John Charlestown IN 117
Bowman Cynthia Louisville KY 117
Boyd Mary Charleston WV 227
Boyle Mary Ann Florence KY 124
Bradford Sally Lexington KY 164
Bradley Anne Indianapolis IN 130
Bradley Shirley Owensboro KY 193
Bradshaw Ann Frankfort KY 164
Bradshaw Fredrick Columbus OH 122
Brandon Billie Mansfield OH 122
Brannen James Fort Mitchell KY 124
Brasseale Jacqueline Evansville IN 193
Brausch Terry West Chester OH 124
Breimeier Leroy Vincennes IN 193
Brelage Jerry Brownsburg IN 130
Brendamour Reeta Cincinnati OH 124
Brewer Walter Lexington KY 164
Brian Bruce Dublin OH 122
Bricker Victoria Centerville OH 136
Bridgewater II John Columbus IN 130
Brinker Gregory Crescent Spring KY 124
Britt David Glendale OH 124
Brockman Anthony Florence KY 124
Brodey Penni Indianapolis IN 130
Bromley Joel Cincinnati OH 124
Brooks Charles Cincinnati OH 124
Brosius Michele Columbus OH 122
Brothers Frances Union KY 124
Brown Ann Louisville KY 117
Brown Beverly Fishers IN 130
Brown Billie Evansville IN 193
Brown David Ashland OH 122
Brown Dorsey Prospect KY 117
Brown Farryll Louisville KY 117
Brown L West Lafayette IN 130
Brown Robert Cincinnati OH 124
Brown Sara Cincinnati OH 124
Brown Terry Jasper IN 193
Brubaker Joe Tipp City OH 136
Bruns William Newburgh IN 193
Bryan Jean Columbus OH 122
Bryant Eunice Muncie IN 130
Bryant Larry Muncie IN 130
Buffington Joan Hilliard OH 122
Bullard Susan Lexington KY 164
Burkhart Delora Plainfield IN 130
Burns John Indianapolis IN 130
Burns Jonathan Cincinnati OH 124
Burns Kathryn Cincinnati OH 124
Burns Mike Cincinnati OH 124
Burpee Jane Loveland OH 124
Burton Adam Miamisburg OH 136
Busch Gary Cincinnati OH 124
Busch Thomas West Lafayette IN 130
Butts David Indianapolis IN 130
Butzier Kathleen Delaware OH 122
Byrkett Don Oxford OH 124
Byrkett Paula Oxford OH 124
Cadmus Kevin Worthington OH 122
Caldwell Selma Carmel IN 130
Callif Lynn Montgomery OH 124
Camillus Joseph Centerville OH 136
Campbell Lou Cincinnati OH 124
Campbell Pam Fairfield OH 124
Carpenter Carolyn Louisville KY 117
Carpenter Marjorie Louisville KY 117
Carpenter Shirley Westerville OH 122
Carr Connie New Albany OH 122
Carter Pamela Louisville KY 117
Cary Sandra Carmel IN 130
Case Roland Pikeville KY 164
Case Sandra Newburgh IN 193
Castle Mary Dayton OH 136
Catlett Arvil Hodgenville KY 117
Cavinder Wanda Indianapolis IN 130
Cavinee Joseph Ashville OH 122
Chalmers Michelle Louisville KY 117
Chandler Terri Campbellsville KY 117
Chapman Donna Hopkinsville KY 193
Chapman Jeffrey Hopkinsville KY 193
Chapman Jim Powell OH 122
Chappell Sue Hilliard OH 122
Charles Thomas Muncie IN 130
Chavez Debra Cincinnati OH 124
Christian Susan Louisville KY 117
Cissell Becky Owensboro KY 193
Claar Dave Union KY 124
Claar Ginny Union KY 124
Clark Annette Indianapolis IN 130
Clark Evelyn Owensboro KY 193
Clark Jacqueline Marion OH 122
Clark Martha Owensboro KY 193
Clark Maryann Louisville KY 117
Clark Thomas Marion OH 122
Clausen June Woo Louisville KY 117
Clawson George Sidney OH 136
Clayton Carolyn Danville IN 130
Clayton Tracy Danville IN 130
Clear Karen New Albany IN 117
Cleek Linda Mount Vernon IN 193
Clemency Karen Columbus OH 122
Clendening Justina Cincinnati OH 124
Clerkin Jerry Bloomington IN 130
Clerkin Maureen Fishers IN 130
Clinton Darrell West Lafayette IN 130
Cobb Susan Gap Mills WV 227
Coffee Cynthia Louisville KY 117
Coffman Jennifer Lexington KY 164
Cohen Lois Cincinnati OH 124
Cohen Wendy Carmel IN 130
Colby Nancy Lexington KY 164
Cole Patricia Lexington KY 164
Cole Patty Indianapolis IN 130
Coleman Cynthia Fishers IN 130
Collecchia Frank Louisville KY 117
Collier Peggy Fishers IN 130
Concepceion Bob Marion OH 122
Condron Tom Kettering OH 136
Congbalay Dean Terrace Park OH 124
Conrad Tip Columbus OH 122
Conway Candace Louisville KY 117
Conway Katz Jacinta Carmel IN 130
Cook Bill Louisville KY 117
Cook William Cincinnati OH 124
Coombs Bill Hamilton OH 124
Coombs Norman Brookville IN 124
Cooper Marianne Louisville KY 117
Cordova Janet Columbus OH 122
Cordray Mary Lancaster OH 122
Cordray Steve Lancaster OH 122
Cornell Cynthia Greencastle IN 130
Cornette Bernice Greenville KY 193
Cory Matt Indianapolis IN 130
Costello Phyllis Louisville KY 117
Coudret Nadine Evansville IN 193
Coulter Paul Louisville KY 117
Coupland Christy Dublin OH 122
Coupland G. Alan Dublin OH 122
Courtright Janelle Delaware OH 122
Cowan Pat Columbus OH 122
Cox Susan Louisville KY 117
Coy Cordell Lakeside Park KY 124
Coyle Joanne Dayton OH 136
Coyle Tom Centerville OH 136
Cravens Mary Hodgenville KY 117
Creed Stephen Fairfield OH 124
Crockett Connie Louisville KY 117
Cronkleton Linda Noblesville IN 130
Cuffe Paul Louisville KY 117
Cultice Hal Indianapolis IN 130
Cumming M Diane Columbus OH 122
Cumming Richard Columbus OH 122
Cummings Deborah Villa Hills KY 124
Cummins Robert Indianapolis IN 130
Cundy Lynn Charleston WV 227
Currin Anne Carmel IN 130
Curry Joyce Mansfield OH 122
Cvar Christine Worthington OH 122
Dalton Ernest Centerville OH 136
Dana Beverley Centerville OH 136
Dance Susan Frankfort KY 164
Daniels Charlene Elizabethtown KY 117
Dasenbrock Micky Cincinnati OH 124
Daugherty Greg Columbus OH 122
Davenport Gary Louisville KY 117
David Jeff Indianapolis IN 130
Davidson Michael Louisville KY 117
Davis Bob Riverlea OH 122
Davis Hannah Louisville KY 117
Davis Jack Evansville IN 193
Davis Lorna West Chester OH 124
Davis Steve Indianapolis IN 130
Davis William Lexington KY 164
Day Doug Indianapolis IN 130
Day Holly Indianapolis IN 130
De Colibus Raymond Circleville OH 122
De Lany Agnes Cincinnati OH 124
De Roos Susan Cincinnati OH 124
Dean Charles Lexington KY 164
Deddens Thomas Cincinnati OH 124
Dehli Diane Jeffersontown KY 117
Delaney Robert Richmond IN 130
Dell Jeanne Cincinnati OH 124
Deluca Ron Evansville IN 193
Denison Ann Oakwood OH 136
Dennis Joyce Fairborn OH 136
Deutsch Joanne Dayton OH 136
Dever Nancy Blue Ash OH 124
Dewey Dennis Newburgh IN 193
Dewitt Kathy Cincinnati OH 124
Dickenson Atha Nicholasville KY 164
Dickinson Helen Indianapolis IN 130
Dietrich Joe Louisville KY 117
Dillhoff Philomena Cincinnati OH 124
Dillon Kelley Columbus OH 122
Dinnin Michael Indianapolis IN 130
Dishop David Bellefontaine OH 122
Dishop Peggy Bellefontaine OH 122
Distler Susan Georgetown KY 164
Dlutowski Beth Louisville KY 117
Domalewski Mary Elizabethtown KY 117
Donaldson Nancy Columbus OH 122
Donoho Jean Louisville KY 117
Dorney Daniel Vincennes IN 130
Downey Frances Louisville KY 117
Drake Elizabeth Powell OH 122
Drejer Judy Brownsburg IN 130
Drennen Sheila Springfield OH 136
Dressman David Burlington KY 124
Drew Diane Florence KY 124
Driscoll Charles Westerville OH 122
Duckworth Jane Muncie IN 130
Dues Betty Louisville KY 117
Dugan-Barrette Ellen Owensboro KY 193
Duncan Jane West Chester OH 124
Dunn Charles Charleston WV 227
Dunnivant Barbara Hutchinson Is FL 124
Durack Donald Cincinnati OH 124
Duritsch Donald Florence KY 124
Dybvad Audrey Dayton OH 136
Dye Garry Louisville KY 117
Dye Joseph Louisville KY 117
Eavey Andrea Muncie IN 130
Ebelhar Margie Owensboro KY 193
Ebelhar Sarah Owensboro KY 193
Eber Patty Cincinnati OH 124
Edds Linda Livermore KY 193
Edds Ondra Lee Owensboro KY 193
Edds Richard Livermore KY 193
Eggleston Sally Columbus OH 122
Eichenbaum Kenneth Pickerington OH 122
Eide Donna Indianapolis IN 130
Eikleberry H Columbus OH 122
Ellerbeck Dennis Ashville OH 122
Elliott Harold Powell OH 122
Elliott Kathleen Powell OH 122
Emerson Phyllis Danville KY 164
Emmons Shaw Columbus OH 122
English David La Grange KY 117
Epple Sue Indianapolis IN 130
Epstein Marlene Cincinnati OH 124
Erwin Eileen Columbus OH 122
Erwin Nancy Evansville IN 193
Eskew Curtis Floyds Knobs IN 117
Eskew Nancy Floyds Knobs IN 117
Essig Joanne Cincinnati OH 124
Etson Donald Hamilton OH 124
Falcon Nancy Hebron OH 122
Faris Cindy Indianapolis IN 130
Farmer Todd Campbellsville KY 117
Fasbender Sheila Fishers IN 130
Fassett Philip Newburgh IN 193
Fassler Charles Louisville KY 117
Fechtman Marni Indianapolis IN 130
Feldhoff Pamela Louisville KY 117
Feldhoff Richard Louisville KY 117
Fellows Kathrin Powell OH 122
Felson Stephen Cincinnati OH 124
Ferguson Cidney Goshen KY 117
Ferguson Marvin Indianapolis IN 130
Fernyak Katherine Mansfield OH 122
Fidler G Indianapolis IN 130
Fidler Marcia Indianapolis IN 130
Field Nancy Indianapolis IN 130
Fielman Sandra Loveland OH 124
Fillmore Diane Plainfield IN 130
Findlay Joann Dayton OH 136
Findley Clyde Westerville OH 122
Finefrock John Bellefontaine OH 136
Finnegan Susan Louisville KY 117
Finucane Mike Lexington KY 164
Fisch Marcia Indianapolis IN 130
Fischer Timothy Fort Thomas KY 124
Fishback Janet New Albany IN 117
Fisher Amy Cincinnati OH 124
Fisher Dennis Westerville OH 122
Fisher Joe Cincinnati OH 124
Fisher Myra Indianapolis IN 130
Fisher Philip Evansville IN 193
Fisk Ben Cincinnati OH 124
Fisk Bob Cincinnati OH 124
Fleeman John Worthington OH 122
Fleming Ross Nicholasville KY 164
Flesch Linda Villa Hills KY 124
Florida Donald Indianapolis IN 130
Flynn Joan Carmel IN 130
Ford Dixie New Castle IN 130
Forsythe Sandra Centerville OH 136
Forsythe Steven Centerville OH 136
Fosnaught John Indianapolis IN 130
Foster Martha Danville KY 164
Francis David Lebanon OH 136
Frank Thomas Indianapolis IN 130
Frankenberger Marilyn Louisville KY 117
Franklin Neal Evansville IN 193
Franklin Sanford Cincinnati OH 124
Franklin Jr Joseph Evansville IN 193
Frantz David Louisville KY 117
Frantz Linda Louisville KY 117
Frayne Anne Dayton OH 136
Freedman Janet Carmel IN 130
Freeman Barbara Indianapolis IN 130
Freeman Susan Yellow Springs OH 136
Freiberg Adrianne Cincinnati OH 124
Freiberg Richard Cincinnati OH 124
Fritchen Victoria Columbus OH 122
Fuchs Kay Evansville IN 193
Fullenwider John Lewisport KY 193
Gabel Lucille Dublin OH 122
Gaffin M Columbus OH 122
Gahman James Dublin OH 122
Gaiser Jody Columbus OH 122
Gakhar Veena Louisville KY 117
Gala Jay Cincinnati OH 124
Gallaher Linda Morehead KY 164
Gans Marilyn Dayton OH 136
Gargrave Jeffrey Dayton OH 136
Garon Myra Louisville KY 117
Garrett John Dayton OH 136
Garrity Kathryn Carmel IN 130
Gartner Rosalie Southgate KY 124
Gasper Jill Dublin OH 122
Gates Scott Miamisburg OH 136
Gath Philip Columbus OH 122
Gellenbeck Joyce Indianapolis IN 130
Gentry Gary Evansville IN 193
George James Evansville IN 193
George Virginia Charleston WV 227
Geralds Judy Louisville KY 117
Gerla Harry Dayton OH 136
Gerowitz Amy Cincinnati OH 124
Gibler Martin West Chester OH 124
Gillians Sherry Owensboro KY 193
Gillies Herbert Lexington KY 164
Gimbrone Janis Centerville OH 136
Gladfelter Mary Jane Columbus OH 122
Gladfelter Michael Columbus OH 122
Glass Chris Delaware OH 122
Glasser Cookie Charleston WV 227
Glatt W Mike Walton KY 124
Glick Max Columbus OH 122
Glover Donna Cincinnati OH 124
Goel Tarun Cincinnati OH 124
Goetz Vernon Villa Hills KY 124
Goldberg Verna Louisville KY 117
Goldenberg Marc Columbus OH 122
Goldman Channa Louisville KY 117
Goodaker Michael Louisville KY 117
Goodlick Ann Avon IN 130
Goodman Diane Cincinnati OH 124
Gordon H Lexington KY 164
Gottbrath Joe Louisville KY 117
Gottschall Bill Dayton OH 136
Goyal Arun West Chester OH 124
Grace Elizabeth Henderson KY 193
Graham John Bloomington IN 130
Graham Susan Bloomington IN 130
Grant Marsha Campbellsville KY 117
Grant Phyllis New Castle IN 130
Graves Virginia Campbellsville KY 117
Gray Dianna Owensboro KY 193
Gray Rodney Cincinnati OH 124
Greenberg Jean Newburgh IN 193
Greenebaum Marilyn Montgomery OH 124
Greenfield David Cincinnati OH 124
Greenfield Rennie Cincinnati OH 124
Greer Joanne Noblesville IN 130
Griffiths Mary Carmel IN 130
Griggs Charlye Henderson KY 193
Grinslade Eleanor Indianapolis IN 130
Grismer Beth Dayton OH 136
Griswold Tom Centerville OH 136
Grogan Jerry Dayton OH 136
Grogan Peggy Dayton OH 136
Gross Jane Prospect KY 117
Gross Kathleen Scott Depot WV 227
Grundy Andrew Lebanon KY 117
Grygier Paul Upper Sandusky OH 122
Gschwender Lois Dayton OH 136
Guarasci Susan Dublin OH 122
Guiher Frank Cincinnati OH 124
Guiher Verlie Cincinnati OH 124
Guntz Edward Indianapolis IN 130
Gupta Arun West Chester OH 124
Gupta Bhavna Prospect KY 117
Gustafson Connie Evansville IN 193
Guthery Ruth Ann Jasper IN 193
Guthrie Laura Georgetown KY 164
Gutmann Margaret Columbus OH 122
Gyor Andra Lexington KY 164
Habash Anton Oxford OH 124
Hacker Margaret Lexington KY 164
Hackney Gary Georgetown KY 164
Haddad George Centerville OH 136
Hadley Allen Bellefontaine OH 136
Hadley Frederic Indianapolis IN 130
Haerr Suzy Milford OH 124
Hahn Betty Evansville IN 193
Hahn Mirth Jasper IN 193
Haines Holly Louisville KY 117
Haji Emmy Columbus OH 122
Haji Siraj Columbus OH 122
Hale Lynn Muncie IN 130
Haley Bessie Charleston WV 227
Haley V 'Ginny' Bevercreek OH 136
Hall Cynthia Louisville KY 117
Hall Darrell Lewis Center OH 122
Hall Jan Worthington OH 122
Hall Judy Crotty Cincinnati OH 124
Hall Marilyn Lewis Center OH 122
Hall Richard Worthington OH 122
Hall Richard S Charleston WV 227
Hallam Hanna Westfield IN 130
Halloran Diane Hilliard OH 122
Hamilton Frances Cincinnati OH 124
Hammann Joseph Tipp City OH 136
Hammer Howard Muncie IN 130
Hammond Janet Fishers IN 130
Hampton Norma Lexington KY 164
Hance Daniel Crittenden KY 124
Hancock Veda Jean Campbellsville KY 117
Handlon Linda Indianapolis IN 130
Hanson Rex Elizabethtown KY 117
Hanson Tom Indianapolis IN 130
Hardesty Karen Owensboro KY 193
Hardesty Marsha Owensboro KY 193
Harding Robert Carmel IN 130
Hardwidge Edward Carmel IN 130
Harmeyer Heather Indianapolis IN 130
Harner Lori Kettering OH 136
Harris Diane Newburgh IN 193
Harroff Sandy Louisville KY 117
Hart Glenda Lexington KY 164
Hartner Sandy Danville KY 164
Hartung William Bellbrook OH 136
Hatcher Linda Owensboro KY 193
Hatten Gary Miamisburg OH 136
Hawkins Carolyn Owensboro KY 193
Hawkins William Owensboro KY 193
Hayden Patricia Owensboro KY 193
Hayes Donald Owensboro KY 193
Hayes Jr Kenton Louisville KY 117
Hazel Nanette Louisville KY 117
Hedayati Mina Corbin KY 164
Hedden James Columbus OH 122
Heeter Willam Indianapolis IN 130
Heflin Michael Livermore KY 193
Heft John Columbus OH 122
Heiberger Irene Columbus OH 122
Heinz Rita Owensboro KY 193
Heinze Bonnie Louisville KY 117
Helfrich John Louisville KY 117
Hellard Tyra Lexington KY 164
Heller Nanci Johnstown OH 122
Hellmer Michael Indianapolis IN 130
Helmink Noel Avon IN 130
Helmink Randy Avon IN 130
Helms Vicki Prospect KY 193
Hemsky Joe Fairborn OH 136
Hendrix Jon Muncie IN 130
Henry Kevin Cincinnati OH 124
Herchenroeder James Harrodsburg KY 164
Herchenroeder Laurie Harrodsburg KY 164
Herman Dianne Clayton OH 136
Herman Helaine Carmel IN 130
Herre Erna Cincinnati OH 124
Hess Jerry Nicholasville KY 164
Hess Judy Lexington KY 164
Hesthaven Dennis Louisville KY 117
Heuser Matthew Lexington KY 164
Hibner Joseph Indianapolis IN 130
Higgins Richard Columbus OH 122
Higgins William Cincinnati OH 124
Hightower Paul Lexington KY 164
Hill Barbara Dublin OH 122
Hill Dale Henderson KY 193
Hill J Michael Columbus OH 122
Hill James Louisville KY 117
Hill Mae Columbus OH 122
Hilton Louise Louisville KY 117
Himes Craig Hillsboro OH 124
Himmell Roger Dayton OH 136
Hinkle Arianne Columbus OH 122
Hinkle John Paris KY 164
Hinkle Philip Columbus OH 122
Hinkle Sam Dublin OH 122
Hinton John Greenwood IN 130
Hoback Marilyn Centerville OH 136
Hobart Richard Columbus OH 122
Hobbs Louise Owensboro KY 193
Hobbs Ronald Carmel IN 130
Hodesh Rica Cincinnati OH 124
Hodge Carolyn Indianapolis IN 130
Hodoval Judith Evansville IN 193
Hodoval Lee Evansville IN 193
Hoesl Clare Cincinnati OH 124
Hoffherr Stu Evansville IN 193
Hoffman Patrick Cincinnati OH 124
Holmes Vern Danville IN 130
Holst Jeffrey Hilliard OH 122
Holt Sondra Lexington KY 164
Holt Terrell Lexington KY 164
Holtsberry Brad Mansfield OH 122
Holtzman Jerry Owensboro KY 193
Holtzman Rita Owensboro KY 193
Hopewell Donna Owensboro KY 193
Hopkins Beverly Louisville KY 117
Hord Dixie Marion OH 122
Hosterman John Circleville OH 122
Houchin Carrie Huntingburg IN 193
Hovde Alice Carmel IN 130
Howard H Edward Chillicothe OH 122
Howard N Jayne Chillicothe OH 122
Howell Kay Campbellsville KY 117
Hoza Sherry Prospect KY 117
Huddleston Blanche Elizabethtown KY 117
Huff Jane Columbus OH 122
Huff Merilace Ann Dayton OH 136
Huffman Judy Lexington KY 164
Huguenard Diane Louisville KY 117
Huguenard Jim Louisville KY 117
Hulett Roger Columbus OH 122
Hume Ellen Lexington KY 164
Hume Jack Lexington KY 164
Humphress Patricia Campbellsville KY 117
Hungerford Mary Groveport OH 122
Hunkler F James Cincinnati OH 124
Hunt Elia Coatesville IN 130
Hurley Kwang Cha Cincinnati OH 124
Husky Karen Cinti OH 124
Huus Alice Evansville IN 193
Hynson Marilyn Lexington KY 164
Ibarra Monica Covington KY 124
Inge Judith Owensboro KY 193
Ingersoll Freda Noblesville IN 130
Ingram Alice Lexington KY 164
Inman Nancy Campbellsville KY 117
Ishida Dean Columbus OH 122
Iyer Ramakrishnan Charleston WV 227
Jackson Henry Cincinnati OH 124
Jacobs Barton Union KY 124
Jacobs Joan Fishers IN 130
Jacobs Mary Union KY 124
Jain Kailash Evansville IN 193
James Jeanne Louisville KY 117
James Muffi Carmel IN 130
James Polly Galena OH 122
James Terry Upper Arlington OH 122
Janson Sara Noblesville IN 130
Jarboe Philip Louisville KY 117
Jasperse James Columbus OH 122
Jenkin Donald Dayton OH 136
Jensen John Maysville KY 164
Jervis Peggy Cincinnati OH 124
Jiobu Robert Columbus OH 122
Johnson Judith Lexington KY 164
Johnson Kaye Carmel IN 130
Johnson Vicki Charleston WV 227
Jonas Steve Centerville OH 136
Jones Barbara Saint Albans WV 227
Jones Gerry Owensboro KY 193
Jones Jackson Fortville IN 130
Jones Larry Columbus OH 122
Jones Michael Lexington KY 164
Jones Patricia Pickerington OH 122
Jones Patricia Fishers IN 130
Jones Robert Louisville KY 117
Jones Sharon Fishers IN 130
Jones Stephanie Terrace Park OH 124
Jones Terry Carmel IN 130
Jones Jr Erwin Lexington KY 164
Jordan John Fishers IN 130
Joseph Donna Dublin OH 122
Jouanicot Kelsey Beavercreek OH 136
Joyce Janet Indianapolis IN 130
Juergens Susan Dayton OH 136
Kahn Eric New Albany OH 122
Kahn Toby Louisville KY 117
Kalberg Dennis Milford OH 124
Kale Vasudha Cincinnati OH 124
Kammer Joseph Cincinnati OH 124
Kanervo Mary Ann Indianapolis IN 130
Kanterman Leonard Cincinnati OH 124
Kaplan Robert Columbus OH 122
Kaplan Rod Cincinnati OH 124
Kapur Alka Indianapolis IN 130
Kapur Rahul Indianapolis IN 130
Karow Kristi Lexington KY 164
Katen Ken Lexington KY 164
Katz Helene Louisville KY 117
Katz Jerome Cincinnati OH 124
Katz Jerry Cincinnati OH 124
Katz Joann Cincinnati OH 124
Kaufman Peter Louisville KY 117
Kay Bernard Evansville IN 193
Keely Cathy West Liberty OH 136
Keeton Nancy Owensboro KY 193
Kehoe Doris Cincinnati OH 124
Keim Joseph Dayton OH 136
Keller Joy Owensboro KY 193
Keller Linda Lexington KY 164
Kelley Patricia Owensboro KY 193
Kempf Tom Sellersburg IN 117
Kempin Jane Evansville IN 193
Kendall Karen Libertytownship OH 124
Kennedy David Dayton OH 136
Kennedy Larry Mansfield OH 122
Kennedy Pamela Cincinnati OH 124
Kent Fred Evansville IN 193
Kereiakes Anne Cincinnati OH 124
Kereiakes Annette Cincinnati OH 124
Kern Stephen Indianapolis IN 130
Kerns C Tom Beavercreek OH 136
Keslin Thomas Lexington KY 164
Kessler Bob Cincinnati OH 124
Kestner Sandra Lexington KY 164
Keyes Fred Fairfield OH 124
Keys Dawn Winchester IN 130
Khan M Charleston WV 227
Khrakovsky Alex Columbus OH 122
Kimberlin Adrian Prospect KY 117
Kimmel Toni Vincennes IN 193
Kincaid Cynthia Carmel IN 130
Kincaid Phyllis Evansville IN 193
King Emily Greenwood IN 130
King Pogie Indianapolis IN 130
King Stephen Bloomington IN 130
King Susan Bloomington IN 130
Kiralfy Joan Springboro OH 136
Klein Howard Louisville KY 117
Klein Larry Cincinnati OH 124
Klein Patricia Lexington KY 164
Klett Eugene New Castle IN 130
Klineman Elaine Carmel IN 130
Kloecker Cecilia Cincinnati OH 124
Kluemper Cynthia Jasper IN 193
Knasinski Frank Winchester IN 130
Knasinski Pat Winchester IN 130
Knisely John Zanesfield OH 136
Knisely Miriam Zanesfield OH 136
Knittle Judith Dublin OH 122
Koett Sue Owensboro KY 193
Kohl Tim Dublin OH 122
Kohler Anita Yellow Springs OH 136
Kohler Gary Louisville KY 117
Kohler Jacqueline Danville KY 164
Kolodzik Marvin Cincinnati OH 124
Kopp Charles Columbus OH 122
Koppenhafer Daniel Mason OH 124
Koralewski Thomas Avon IN 130
Korda Susan Columbus OH 122
Korten Robert Versailles KY 164
Kozlove Ellen Louieville KY 117
Kozlove Larry Louieville KY 117
Krahwinkel Edward Owensboro KY 193
Krahwinkel Jodi Owensboro KY 193
Krasnoff Judith Dublin OH 122
Krauss Edward Grandview OH 122
Kreitzer Sharon Cincinnati OH 124
Krempp Brenda Jasper IN 193
Kriese Richard Indianapolis IN 130
Kruse Larry Evansville IN 193
Kuphal Yvonne Owensboro KY 193
Kurtz David Louisville KY 117
Kurtz Deann Louisville KY 117
Kushner Sheldon Cincinnati OH 124
Kuzmich Janette Evansville IN 193
Kyle Marsha Louisville KY 117
La Rue William Hodgenville KY 117
Laakso Bill Delaware OH 122
Lacey Timothy Muncie IN 130
Lagu Avinash Carmel IN 130
Lagu Mary Carmel IN 130
Lambert Phelps Henderson KY 193
Lambert Sherry Owensboro KY 193
Lammers Patrick Cincinnati OH 124
Lang Patricia Muncie IN 130
Langner Sheryl Dublin OH 122
Larcomb Dwight Marion OH 122
LaSalle Sue Louisville KY 117
Lashmet Joanne Indianapolis IN 130
Latham Sybil Centerville OH 136
Latimer Lois Bellefontaine OH 136
Laubenthal Sandra Dayton OH 136
Lauderback Carolyn Kettering OH 136
Laufman Leslie Columbus OH 122
Lawler John Evansville IN 193
Lea Jr William Evansville IN 193
Leaf Carolyn Lexington KY 164
Leckrone Nickie Lancaster OH 122
Lee Janet Centerville OH 136
Lee Janet Cisna Enon OH 136
Lee Jo Ann Masonic Home KY 117
Lee Shirley Dayton OH 136
Lefkowitz Sanford Columbus OH 122
Lehmann Bob Louisville KY 117
Lepping Joan Louisville KY 117
Lepping Thomas Louisville KY 117
Leroy Julia Hurricane WV 227
Letizia Jr Ralph Louisville KY 117
Levering Janet Morral OH 122
Levine Faye Cincinnati OH 124
Levinson Barbara Cincinnati OH 124
Levitan Carol Dayton OH 136
Levy Sherry Carmel IN 130
Lewis E Charleston WV 227
Lewis Frances Owensboro KY 193
Lewis Stephen Owensboro KY 193
Liacos James Columbus OH 122
Liao Jason Madisonville KY 193
Libby Iris Cincinnati OH 124
Libster Cindy Marion OH 122
Libster Mitch Marion OH 122
Lichtenberger Frank Cincinnati OH 124
Lilly David Owensboro KY 193
Lilly Lanell Owensboro KY 193
Linck Kathleen Lexington KY 164
Linck Raymond Lexington KY 164
Lindeman Pat Cincinnati OH 124
Lindow David Owensboro KY 193
Linne Mary Ellen Indianapolis IN 130
Linstedt Catherine Marion OH 122
Lipka Tony Louisville KY 117
Lipp Michael Trenton OH 124
Little Pamela Indianapolis IN 130
Lobdell Marty Columbus OH 122
Locke Linda Madison IN 130
Lockwood Felix Minden NV 117
Lodato Patricia Evansville IN 193
Loebach Barb Cincinnati OH 124
Loebach David Cincinnati OH 124
Loeffler Donna Lexington KY 164
Loft Mona Indianapolis IN 130
Lombardo Carol Ann Indianapolis IN 130
London Patsy Louisville KY 117
Long Carol Powell OH 122
Long Edward Liberty Twp OH 124
Long Sharon Mount Vernon IN 193
Long Wesley Columbus OH 122
Lonski Stephen Englewood OH 136
Lorrigan Patrick Dayton OH 136
Losey Dorothy Louisville KY 117
Louis Lois Louisville KY 117
Loveland Daniel Powell OH 122
Low Marc Centerville OH 136
Lubbers Joan Ferdinand IN 193
Lucas Judith Cincinnati OH 124
Luetge Nancy Cincinnati OH 124
Luken Bert Erlanger KY 124
Luongo Deborah Kettering OH 136
Lussky Abby Louisville KY 117
Luthman Elaine Maineville OH 124
Lutz Charlene Indianapolis IN 130
Lyon Bob Fishers IN 130
Lyons Paul Kettering OH 136
Ma Mike Cincinnati OH 124
Maccalla Willard Danville KY 164
Mackin Susan Louisville KY 117
Macksey Carol Fairfield OH 124
Madsen Jack Muncie IN 130
Magee Dana Lexington KY 164
Maguire Terry Louisville KY 117
Major Marian Evansville IN 193
Malhotra Jagmohan Lawrenceburg IN 124
Malless Jane Indianapolis IN 130
Maltz Sylvia Cincinnati OH 124
Mann Marion Kent Danville KY 164
Marcus Lola Columbus OH 122
Marhefka Debbie Upper Arlington OH 122
Markham Carol Cincinnati OH 124
Markham J Thomas Cincinnati OH 124
Marks Janice Columbus OH 122
Marlin Mike Versailles KY 164
Marlin Sandra Versailles KY 164
Martin Bradley Middletown OH 136
Martin Debi Kettering OH 136
Martin Timothy Fort Thomas KY 124
Masterson Jayne Crestwood KY 117
Matheny Pat Lexington KY 164
Mather Kim Mount Sherman KY 117
Mathews Pamela Prospect KY 117
Matuszkiewicz John Logan OH 122
Maul David Gahanna OH 122
Maul Sharon Gahanna OH 122
May Ginny Lexington KY 164
May Ruth Dublin OH 122
Mc Cubbins Pauline Owensboro KY 193
Mc Tighe Martin Cincinnati OH 124
McArdle Sherry Columbus OH 122
McCafferty Steve Columbus OH 122
McCann Michael Lexington KY 164
McCann Sherry Lexington KY 164
McCarthy Terence Fishers IN 130
McCarty Judy Jasper IN 193
McClary Randall Newburgh IN 193
McClure Lucille Saint Albans WV 227
McClure Tom Saint Albans WV 227
McCool James Tell City IN 193
McCracken Hugh Thomas Dublin OH 122
McCubbin Steve Hodgenville KY 117
McCullagh Jack Herndon KY 193
McDaniel Diane Dublin OH 122
McDermott Barbara Louisville KY 117
McDonald Billie Louisville KY 117
McDonald James Louisville KY 117
McDonald Judith Columbus OH 122
McGlothlin Wylie New Castle IN 130
McGrath Harold Muncie IN 130
McGuire Patricia Lancaster OH 122
McHale Jill Dayton OH 136
McIntyre Stclaire Lexington KY 164
McIntyre Y Lexington KY 164
McJunkin Mary Charleston WV 227
McKelvey Charles Owensboro KY 193
McKnight Peggy Columbus OH 122
McNeely S Diane Petersburg KY 124
McNulty Patricia Dayton OH 136
McPeek Charles Muncie IN 130
Medley John Shelby OH 122
Medley Kathy Owensboro KY 193
Medley Nancy Shelby OH 122
Mehalko Brenda Villa Hills KY 124
Mehalko Jack Villa Hills KY 124
Mehta Nalin Cincinnati OH 124
Meinking John Maineville OH 124
Melvin D Powell Lexington KY 164
Mendoza Phyllis Cincinnati OH 124
Merkel Jacqueline Lexington KY 164
Mesplay Julia Owensboro KY 193
Messinger Harry Columbus OH 122
Messinger Stephen West Chester OH 124
Meyer Judy Elizabethtown KY 117
Meyers Jacqueline Cincinnati OH 124
Middleton Mike London OH 122
Milby Charlotte Campbellsville KY 117
Milby Kathy Campbellsville KY 117
Miles Sandy Delaware OH 122
Miley Jo Anne Newburgh IN 193
Millar Penelope Indianapolis IN 130
Miller Janet Harrodsburg KY 164
Miller Katherine Indianapolis IN 130
Miller Lowry Columbus OH 122
Miller Marvin Kettering OH 136
Miller Mickey Louisville KY 117
Miller Rex Columbus OH 122
Miller Stephen Evansville IN 193
Miller Valeta Mansfield OH 122
Mills Doris Owensboro KY 193
Mills Marilyn Owensboro KY 193
Millsap Douglas Columbus OH 122
Mirus Gerry Cincinnati OH 124
Misrach Patricia Cincinnati OH 124
Mitchell Donna Cincinnati OH 124
Moese Stephen West Chester OH 124
Mohan Alok Dayton OH 136
Mohan Nancy Dayton OH 136
Moman Richard Owensboro KY 193
Monge John Louisville KY 117
Monnin Lee Centerville OH 136
Moore Charlotte Owensboro KY 193
Moore Dallas Trotwood OH 136
Moore Donna Dayton OH 136
Moore Larry Owensboro KY 193
Moore Nancy Johnstown OH 122
Moorin Vivienne Louisville KY 117
Moran Patrick Dayton OH 136
Morguelan James Louisville KY 117
Morris Donald Fairfield OH 124
Morris Jeanie Owensboro KY 193
Morris Michael Indianapolis IN 130
Morton Beth Indianapolis IN 130
Moskowitz Joel Cincinnati OH 124
Moskowitz Susan Cincinnati OH 124
Moss Lou Anne Lexington KY 164
Moss Paul Millersburg KY 164
Moulton A Hilliard OH 122
Moulton Tamara Hilliard OH 122
Moxley Gordon Ontario OH 122
Mueller Shirley Louisville KY 117
Muenks Joseph Cincinnati OH 124
Mulford Kay Cincinnati OH 124
Muller Barbara Dublin OH 122
Murdock Betty Cincinnati OH 124
Murphy Betty Cincinnati OH 124
Murphy Daniel Beavercreek OH 136
Myers James Cincinnati OH 124
Myers Katherine Indianapolis IN 130
Mytelka Daniel Carmel IN 130
Neal Wilma Yorktown IN 130
Neff Mary Muncie IN 130
Neikirk E Bruce Louisville KY 117
Nelson Doris Louisville KY 117
Nesbit Deanna Indianapolis IN 130
Neves Darrow Indianapolis IN 130
Newby Emily Carmel IN 130
Newman Larry Blue Ash OH 124
Newman Sandy Columbus OH 122
Newtz Richard Lexington KY 164
Nickoloff Dominic Columbus OH 122
Nickoloff Norma Columbus OH 122
Nicolai William Westfield IN 130
Nikolajewski Beverly Evansville IN 193
Noel Connie Louisville KY 117
Norsworthy Flora Hartford KY 193
North William Evansville IN 193
Norwood Alfred Cincinnati OH 124
Nunn Karen Henderson KY 193
Nurre Joe Mason OH 124
O'Brien Dennis Louisville KY 117
O'Connor Marilyn Centerville OH 136
O'Connor Rick Villa Hills KY 124
O'Connor Wayne Centerville OH 136
Oberbeck Suzanne Newburgh IN 193
Oblinger Erin Cincinnati OH 124
Oca Jill Jeffersonville IN 117
Occhialini Janet Carmel IN 130
Ochstein Fran Indianapolis IN 130
Oestreich Dean Louisville KY 117
Ogg Oscar Mansfield OH 122
Ohlson Jill Lexington KY 164
Olexsey Patt Cincinnati OH 124
Olinger Carol Huntingburg IN 193
Olinger Mike Jasper IN 193
Oliva Lillian Lexington KY 164
Olsen Perry Fishers IN 130
Olson Ellen Charleston WV 227
Olson James Charleston WV 227
Olson Margo Columbus OH 122
Omanson Kay Louisville KY 117
Oppelt Joanne Cincinnati OH 124
Oppelt Tim Cincinnati OH 124
Orr Potter Cincinnati OH 124
Orr Sanderson Cincinnati OH 124
Osmer Anita Columbus OH 122
Outcalt Peter West Chester OH 124
Overpeck Christopher Louisville KY 117
Overpeck Karen Louisville KY 117
Overpeck Keith Louisville KY 117
Overy Cheryl Prospect KY 117
Oxley Betty Evansville IN 193
Oxley Charles Evansville IN 193
Pace Peggy Lexington KY 164
Packer Gary Indianapolis IN 130
Paddock Barbara Louisville KY 117
Palmer Linda Newburgh IN 193
Panda Itishree Cincinnati OH 124
Panda Sukant Cincinnati OH 124
Panke Elaine Georgetown KY 164
Papini Bonnie Beavercreek OH 136
Parker Carol Huntsville OH 136
Parker David Huntsville OH 136
Parsons Dorothy Evansville IN 193
Parsons Susan Newburgh IN 193
Partlow Barbara Louisville KY 117
Patberg Melba Evansville IN 193
Patberg Thornton Evansville IN 193
Paterson Betty Louisville KY 117
Patterson Gloria Groveport OH 122
Paul Dorit Indianapolis IN 130
Paul Richard Princeton IN 193
Pauley Leon Versailles KY 164
Pavlo Marcie Dayton OH 136
Payne Carol Owensboro KY 193
Payne Tom Owensboro KY 193
Paynter Frank Grove City OH 122
Paynter Jo Anne Grove City OH 122
Peach Jerlene Evansville IN 193
Peake John Louisville KY 117
Peckinpaugh Clare Yorktown IN 130
Peckinpaugh Darrel Yorktown IN 130
Peer John Indianapolis IN 130
Peltier Barbara Middletown OH 136
Penn Joyce Columbus OH 122
Penn Susan Indianapolis IN 130
Penson Kay Dublin OH 122
Pepple Joyce Indianapolis IN 130
Percinel Ahmet Evansville IN 193
Percinel Rebecca Evansville IN 193
Perez Nancy Richmond IN 130
Perkins James Evansville IN 193
Perkins Jane Evansville IN 193
Perkins Reams Harrodsburg KY 164
Peterson Mary Lexington KY 164
Pettus Anita Lexington KY 164
Pfeiffer Madeline Louisville KY 117
Phelan Beverly Owensboro KY 193
Phillips Cathy Louisville KY 117
Phillips Marsha Dublin OH 122
Pickle Barbara Evansville IN 193
Pierce Marlene Cincinnati OH 124
Pietrzak A Susan Blacklick OH 122
Pihl Bobbie Lexington KY 164
Pike Joe Edgewood KY 124
Piwowarski Paul Lexington KY 164
Platt Jr Thomas Burlington KY 124
Pleatman Cliff Cincinnati OH 124
Pleshek Richard Fairfield OH 124
Podet Eve Lexington KY 164
Poe Edward Indianapolis IN 130
Polisetty Rayudu Lexington KY 164
Polisetty Usha Lexington KY 164
Polk Jan Southgate KY 124
Pollock Adela Carmel IN 130
Pote Mitchell Indianapolis IN 130
Potts Gregory Portsmouth OH 122
Powers Donna Owensboro KY 193
Poznanski Richard Amanda OH 122
Premo Jerry Noblesville IN 130
Preston Harry Indianapolis IN 130
Price Kay Dayton OH 136
Price Nancy Lewis Center OH 122
Price Ted Marion OH 122
Probst Patricia Evansville IN 193
Proctor Mike Richmond KY 164
Prosise Marilyn Cincinnati OH 124
Prow Charlotte Bowling Green KY 193
Pua Patricia Marion OH 122
Puckett Charlotte Owensboro KY 193
Puckett Paul Owensboro KY 193
Purdom Jo Frances Burlington KY 124
Pyant Kathryn Westerville OH 122
Pyle Beverly Lexington KY 164
Pyles Darlene Elizabethtown KY 117
Rachal James Centerville OH 136
Rachal Sandi Centerville OH 136
Radcliffe Shelley Dublin OH 122
Ragland Jennie Owensboro KY 193
Raiford Phil Pickerington OH 122
Rakocy Lewis Columbus OH 122
Ransel Maribeth Indianapolis IN 130
Ranta Kirk Henderson KY 193
Rash James Bellefontaine OH 136
Raturi Amitabh Cincinnati OH 124
Raulin Terry West Chester OH 124
Ray Stuart Louisville KY 117
Rea Timothy Evansville IN 193
Recker Kitty Jasper IN 193
Redfern Katherine Owensboro KY 193
Redner Anne Columbus OH 122
Reeder Linda Lewis Center OH 122
Reeves Joan Dayton OH 136
Reff Ella Muncie IN 130
Regenstrief Pearl Zionsville IN 130
Reger John Columbus OH 122
Reid Nathaniel Cincinnati OH 124
Reisert Mary Prospect KY 117
Remick Carole Centerville OH 136
Rennemann Jr Conrad Centerville OH 136
Renner Joy Waverly OH 122
Reubel Elaine Cincinnati OH 124
Rexford John Westerville OH 122
Rexroth Mark Carmel IN 130
Reynolds Mercer Cincinnati OH 124
Rhine Pamela Fishers IN 130
Rice Joseph Winchester KY 164
Richardson Amy Indianapolis IN 130
Richardson Richard Indianapolis IN 130
Riese Marilyn Louisville KY 117
Riess Joe Dayton OH 136
Rinaldi Anne Cincinnati OH 124
Ringel Howard Cincinnati OH 124
Roach Bob Frankfort KY 164
Roach William Hilliard OH 122
Roark Robert Cincinnati OH 124
Robbins Margaret Louisville KY 117
Robertson Kathy Westerville OH 122
Robinette Dan Richmond KY 164
Robinson Janet Princeton IN 193
Robinson Martha Elkview WV 227
Rodgers Kathy Lexington KY 164
Rodwell Meredith West Lafayette IN 130
Rodwell Victor West Lafayette IN 130
Rogers Joan Cincinnati OH 124
Rohrer Karen Madeira OH 124
Roscoe Candace Newburgh IN 193
Roscoe Phillip Newburgh IN 193
Rose Janet Cincinnati OH 124
Rosen Ricki Columbus OH 122
Rosiello Patricia Zionsville IN 130
Ross Brian Charlestown IN 117
Ross Chris Beavercreek OH 136
Ross Sally Pickerington OH 122
Rothbaum Sandra Carmel IN 130
Rothstein Elaine Cincinnati OH 124
Rowen James Indianapolis IN 130
Rubin Richard Charleston WV 227
Rubin Wendy Charleston WV 227
Rudd Allen Madisonville KY 193
Ruehl Judy Batavia OH 124
Ruf Michele Hilliard OH 122
Runda Carla Maineville OH 124
Rush Patricia Indianapolis IN 130
Russell Diane Columbus OH 122
Russell Regina Lexington KY 164
Russell Shirley Brownsburg IN 130
Rybak Ronald Worthington OH 122
Sadlier Susan Dayton OH 136
Sage Nancy Cincinnati OH 124
Sale Suzanne Cincinnati OH 124
Salem Frank Cincinnati OH 124
Sallee Stephen Coatesville IN 130
Salm Mary Susan Newburgh IN 193
Salmon Beverly Muncie IN 130
Salmon Jeff Muncie IN 130
Sanders Ginny New Albany OH 122
Sanders Howard Hilliard OH 122
Sandersen Marsha Indianapolis IN 130
Sanderson Diane Zionsville IN 130
Sarjeant Mary Prospect KY 117
Sarles Richard Madisonville KY 193
Satersmoen Craig Huber Heights OH 136
Satterwhite Gary Owensboro KY 193
Satterwhite Patricia Owensboro KY 193
Sattes F Lyle Charleston WV 227
Saul Roger Bellefontaine OH 136
Saunier Lori Lexington KY 164
Saunier Peggy Lexington KY 164
Schaaf Sarah Louisville KY 117
Schaefer Katherine Lexington KY 164
Schaffel Rona Indianapolis IN 130
Schapera Herb Cincinnati OH 124
Schaum Jim Mansfield OH 122
Schindler Stephen Lexington KY 164
Schlaack Edward Dayton OH 136
Schlundt Gordon Evansville IN 193
Schmid Sr George Richmond IN 130
Schmidlin Jean Cincinnati OH 124
Schmidt Sharon Prospect KY 117
Schmied Pat Owensboro KY 193
Schmitt Catharine Owensboro KY 193
Schnabel Lois Carmel IN 130
Schneider Cheryl Westerville OH 122
Schneider Shannon Carmel IN 130
Schroeder Leo Horse Cave KY 117
Schrooten Wesley Utica KY 193
Schuller Carole Columbus OH 122
Schultz Dennis Harrison OH 124
Schultz Pamela Evansville IN 193
Schultz Ryan Dayton OH 136
Schulz Eric Reynoldsburg OH 122
Schulz Mary Reynoldsburg OH 122
Schutter Jim Indianapolis IN 130
Scott Donald Muncie IN 130
Scovic Carol Blue Ash OH 124
Sebastian Vickie Beavercreek OH 136
Secord Luci Columbus OH 122
Seelbach Charles Lexington KY 164
Seelbach Louis Lexington KY 164
Segal David Westerville OH 122
Seidler Sharon Charleston WV 227
Seltsam Jane Paint Lick KY 164
Seltzer Martin Columbus OH 122
Sendre Beth Muncie IN 130
Seng Mary Ann Jasper IN 193
Sentman Sarah Scott Depot WV 227
Seppel Paul Lebanon IN 130
Seress Sherry Dublin OH 122
Seymour III Charles Lexington KY 164
Shade Gary Pickerington OH 122
Shafer Philip Ashland OH 122
Shafer Sheldon Louisville KY 117
Shah Naresh Lexington KY 164
Shannon Ona Lancaster OH 122
Shapiro Jane Louisville KY 117
Sharp Brad Xenia OH 136
Sharp Nancy Brookville OH 136
Shaw Iris Milford OH 124
Shaw Jr Richard Mansfield OH 122
Shedlofsky Karen Lexington KY 164
Sheehy Marie Nicholasville KY 164
Sheets Beverly Indianapolis IN 130
Shelbourne Carol Indianapolis IN 130
Shelton Greta Owensboro KY 193
Shelton Mary Ann Owensboro KY 193
Shideler Caryl Carmel IN 130
Shields Bennie Ashland KY 227
Shierling Joseph Indianapolis IN 130
Shoup Russell Dayton OH 136
Shuffett Robert Columbia KY 117
Siddiqui Aslam Carmel IN 130
Siddiqui Sandra Carmel IN 130
Siemer Barbara New Albany OH 122
Simmons Judith Beavercreek Twp OH 136
Simmons Peggy Danville IN 130
Simmons Steve Beavercreek Twp OH 136
Simon Ellen Indianapolis IN 130
Simon Howard Florence KY 124
Simon Joan Florence KY 124
Simpson Sandra New Albany OH 122
Simson Douglas Columbus OH 122
Singerman Joy Cincinnati OH 124
Siutsau Yauheni Loveland OH 124
Slade Barbara Lexington KY 164
Slagle Alice Greenfield OH 124
Slagle Jim Marion OH 122
Slater Gail Louisville KY 117
Small Gerri Owensboro KY 193
Smiley Cynthia Louisville KY 117
Smith Janet Lexington KY 164
Smith Mary Newport KY 124
Smith Norman Louisville KY 117
Smith Richard Jasper IN 193
Smith Richard Dean Columbus OH 122
Smith Sharon Winchester IN 130
Smith Thomas Columbus OH 122
Smith Vangie Prospect KY 117
Sneider Domenico Carmel IN 130
Sohma Katsumi Charleston WV 227
Solomon Barbara Indianapolis IN 130
Solomon Marty Lexington KY 164
Somani Peter Dublin OH 122
Sorrent James Dunbar WV 227
Sosin Judy Indianapolis IN 130
Spahn Jayne Carmel IN 130
Sparrow Beverly Lexington KY 164
Spears Sandy Louisville KY 117
Spegele Ernest Dayton OH 136
Spiegel Harriet Cincinnati OH 124
Spielman Thomas Danville KY 164
Spitz Jo Ellen Cincinnati OH 124
Sprecher Dace Powell OH 122
Sprecher Howard Powell OH 122
Sriraman Rajagopal Louisville KY 117
St Pierre George Columbus OH 122
Stagnaro Nancy Cincinnati OH 124
Stahler Wanda Bellefontaine OH 136
Stanley Alan Centerville OH 136
Stanwix-Hay Kathy Lexington KY 164
Stanwix-Hay Thomas Lexington KY 164
Staton Jane Evansville IN 193
Steiner Michelle Fairborn OH 136
Stephani Isaac Cincinnati OH 124
Stephens Carolyn Evansville IN 193
Stephens Pat Indianapolis IN 130
Stern N David Charleston WV 227
Stern Rozanne New Albany OH 122
Stewart Bruce Springfield OH 136
Stinnett William Louisville KY 117
Stitt Bob Dayton OH 136
Stitt Stefanie Dayton OH 136
Stogsdill Vicki Owensboro KY 193
Stone Daniel Sheridan IN 130
Stone Louise Lexington KY 164
Stover Derrick Columbus OH 122
Strack John Xenia OH 136
Strack Pam Indianapolis IN 130
Stratton Janet Muncie IN 130
Stratton Robert Muncie IN 130
Stubbe Jr John Dublin OH 122
Sublette Warren Cincinnati OH 124
Sulgrove Robert Centerville OH 124
Sullivan David Centerville OH 136
Surd Thomas Centerville OH 136
Sutherland Barbara Louisville KY 117
Sutherland Ellen Lexington KY 164
Sutt Martha Louisville KY 117
Swaisgood Fred Dayton OH 136
Swartz Josephine Marion OH 122
Swindler Liz Louisville KY 117
Szabo Wilhelmina Columbus OH 122
Szulc Casey Fishers IN 130
Szymczak Robert Columbus OH 122
Tam Richard Carmel IN 130
Tandon Bipin Marion OH 122
Tandon Shobha Marion OH 122
Tapp Robert Madisonville KY 193
Tavel Alan Indianapolis IN 130
Taylor Cheryl Dublin OH 122
Taylor Connie Dayton OH 136
Taylor Connie Carmel IN 130
Taylor David Dublin OH 122
Taylor John Burlington KY 124
Taylor Loretta Lexington KY 164
Taylor Ronald Columbus OH 122
Taylor Tommy Columbia KY 117
Taylor Jr John Dayton OH 136
Tebbetts Ilse Yellow Springs OH 136
Temples Lewis Loveland OH 124
Tenchov Boris Columbus OH 122
Tewel Jim Cincinnati OH 124
Theissen Jeanne Fort Wright KY 124
Thill Michael Dayton OH 136
Thomas Diane Indianapolis IN 130
Thomas Gary Noblesville IN 130
Thomas Marianne Charlestown IN 117
Thompson Ann Prospect KY 117
Thompson Donna Rineyville KY 117
Thompson Doug Lexington KY 164
Thompson Marilena Jacksonville FL 136
Thompson Mary Ann Owensboro KY 193
Thompson Phillip Campbellsville KY 117
Thompson Jr Charles Xenia OH 136
Thomson Linda Lexington KY 164
Thornberry Nancy Robards KY 193
Thornton Marion Owensboro KY 193
Thorp Joseph Louisville KY 117
Thorp Mary Louisville KY 117
Throgmorton Harriett Louisville KY 117
Thurnau Janet Cincinnati OH 124
Thyen Dana Jasper IN 193
Tinch Marsha Louisville KY 117
Tishkoff Fahn Columbus OH 122
Titzer John Newburgh IN 193
Tobin Jean Marion OH 122
Tollison Carl Villa Hills KY 124
Tonini Denise Louisville KY 117
Tooley Pam Owensboro KY 193
Torello Betty Blue Ash OH 124
Torrence Anita Bexley OH 122
Torstrick Paula Lexington KY 164
Toth Jackie West Chester OH 124
Toutant William Louisville KY 117
Traver Joanne Louisville KY 117
Travis Diane Cincinnati OH 124
Traylor Nancy Evansville IN 193
Treffinger David Loogootee IN 193
Tretter Cindy Edgewood KY 124
Troll Roberta Marion OH 122
Trower Freida Louisville KY 117
Trudgen Thelma Indianapolis IN 130
Tucker Jan Newburgh IN 193
Turnbull Alasdair Danville KY 164
Turner Cynda Muncie IN 130
Turner Judy Dayton OH 136
Turner Nan Carmel IN 130
Underwood Tom Lexington KY 164
Unger Carol Muncie IN 130
Unger Ray Muncie IN 130
Ungureanu Tiberiu Columbus OH 122
Unverferth Barbara Columbus OH 122
Uretsky Ella Columbus OH 122
Utrup Ankara Delphos OH 136
Vacha Linda Mansfield OH 122
Vahlkamp Sarah Danville KY 164
Van Cleve John Louisville KY 117
Van Kesteren Mary Lexington KY 164
Van Vlack Wagner Carmel IN 130
Van Vliet Brian Xenia OH 136
Van Vliet Cindy Xenia OH 136
Van Zant David Elizabethtown KY 117
VanArsdall Melena Nicholasville KY 164
Vann Daryl Glasgow KY 117
Vann E Glasgow KY 117
Vasudevan Vijay Cincinnati OH 124
Venosa Albert Cincinnati OH 124
Venosa Janet Cincinnati OH 124
Verkamp Betty Jasper IN 193
Vernia Janice Indianapolis IN 130
Vescio Fred Vandalia OH 136
Vild Peg Columbus OH 122
Visconti Madelyn Columbus OH 122
Vogel Stephen Cincinnati OH 124
Vonderheide Pauline Jasper IN 193
Vowels Janet Louisville KY 117
Vuotto Steve Richmond KY 164
Waak Myrna Cincinnati OH 124
Wade Calvin Evansville IN 193
Wade Sallie Evansville IN 193
Wagaj Prakash Springboro OH 124
Wagner Cheryl Owensboro KY 193
Wagner Marsha Chillicothe OH 122
Wagner Mary Ann Indianapolis IN 130
Wagner Walter Columbus OH 122
Wahl Peter New Albany OH 122
Walker Lynda Brown Springboro OH 136
Walker Rebecca Lewisport KY 193
Walker Sue Dayton OH 136
Walker Woodie Newburgh IN 193
Wallace Marilyn Marion OH 122
Wallack Sharon Indianapolis IN 130
Wallick Joan Columbus OH 122
Walter Deborah Columbus OH 122
Walter Otto Cincinnati OH 124
Walz Helen Madison IN 117
Ward Amelia Lexington KY 164
Ward B Gayle Evansville IN 193
Ward Melvin Carmel IN 130
Ward Phyllis Henderson KY 193
Ward Rhea Carmel IN 130
Warheit Melissa Columbus OH 122
Warner Ruth Louisville KY 117
Watson James Louisville KY 117
Watts Sandra Owensboro KY 193
Wauligman Barry Hamilton OH 124
Wehrung Lloyd Owensboro KY 193
Weidenfeld Rob Loveland OH 124
Weiland Paul Henderson KY 193
Wells Suzanne Indianapolis IN 130
Wempe Janet Evansville IN 193
Wermeling Daniel Lexington KY 164
Wernet Betty Ann Bexley OH 122
Wernet Joe Bexley OH 122
Westinghouse Joanne Powell OH 122
Westinghouse John Powell OH 122
Weston Alice Cincinnati OH 124
Wetterhahn Bill Columbus OH 122
Whalen Patricia West Liberty OH 136
Wheeler Janice Evansville IN 193
Whipple Peter Mason OH 124
White Ryan Indianapolis IN 130
White Sandra Kay Indianapolis IN 130
Whitehouse Lori Philpot KY 193
Whitesell David Yellow Springs OH 136
Whitley Carole Campbellsville KY 117
Whitney Pat Dayton OH 136
Wickstrom Harry Cincinnati OH 124
Wiest Connie Centerville OH 136
Wiest Debbie West Chester OH 124
Wievsema Jan Powell OH 122
Wiggins Jeanine Richmond KY 164
Wilhoite Caryl Indianapolis IN 130
Willenborg Janet Cincinnati OH 124
Williams Barry Florence KY 124
Williams Christine Evansville IN 193
Williams John Cincinnati OH 124
Williams Linda Indianapolis IN 130
Williams Sally Louisville KY 117
Williamson Judy Powell OH 122
Willig Carl Fairfield OH 124
Willmott Betty Paris KY 164
Willoughby Amy Lexington KY 164
Wilson Carol Cincinnati OH 124
Wilson Jennifer Lee Owensboro KY 193
Wilson Nancy Owensboro KY 193
Wilson Nancy Carmel IN 130
Wilson Virginia Dayton OH 136
Windsor Cynthia Columbus OH 122
Winkelman Wayne Zionsville IN 130
Winsor Neal Shirley Zionsville IN 130
Wise Ben Lexington KY 164
Wise Elizabeth Lexington KY 164
Wishnia Gracie Louisville KY 117
Wisner Susan Cincinnati OH 124
Witbeck Susanne Owensboro KY 193
Witherspoon Jane Worthington OH 122
Witte R Jane Jasper IN 193
Witter Mary Owensboro KY 193
Wittgen William Evansville IN 193
Woeste J Cincinnati OH 124
Wojciechowska Elzbieta Indianapolis IN 130
Wolf Jonathan Indianapolis IN 130
Wolfe Marilyn Circleville OH 122
Wolfe Paula Florence KY 124
Wolfgang David Bowling Green KY 193
Wood Danny Indianapolis IN 130
Woodman Kenneth Richmond IN 130
Woodruff Sue Montgomery OH 124
Woods Jane Jasper IN 193
Woolum Rose Chillicothe OH 122
Wright Joseph Louisville KY 117
Wright Judy Georgetown KY 164
Wrona Martha Owensboro KY 193
Wulf Ray Batavia OH 124
Wylie Nancy Carmel IN 130
Wynne Beverley Worthington OH 122
Wysong James Danville KY 164
Wysong Margie Indianapolis IN 130
Wysong Philip Danville KY 164
Xu Johnny Nicholasville KY 164
Yalamanchili Lalitha Cincinnati OH 124
Yarbrough Chris New Albany IN 117
Yassenoff Skip Columbus OH 122
Yingling Patricia Indianapolis IN 130
Yockey Jacqueline Louisville KY 117
Yohon Emma Lexington KY 164
Young Margaret Cincinnati OH 124
Zangri Robert Centerville OH 136
Zilke Bonny Louisville KY 117
Zimmer Gail Cincinnati OH 124
Zimmer Joseph Evansville IN 193
Zimmerman Ann Louisville KY 117
Zimmerman Judith Columbus OH 122
Zimmerman Katherine Louisville KY 117
Zimmerman Stephen Indianapolis IN 130
Zinobile Gloria Owensboro KY 193
Zoss Karma Canal Wnchstr OH 122
Zurlage Vicki Louisville KY 117
Zwald Mary Lynn Dublin OH 122