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    Steve Moese
    Potter Orr

    Spting STaC ppdGNT ppd2020 GatlinburgFlying Pig

    acbl20 MARCH 2020 - The ACBL Board of Directors postponed the NAP Finals to Montreal July 2020, details to be announced later.  They also moved the GNT Finals to Tampa Fall 2020, details to be announced later.  Districts must register qualifying GNT teams by October 1, 2020.  District 11 has postponed the D11 GNT Finals to a date to be determined.
    Tournament Cancellations:
    Check with the ACBL Tournament schedule for all official cancellations. District 11 Tournament Coordinators  - please coordinate cancellations/postponements with AJ Stephani (Tournament Coordinator) then email confirmed cancellations to moesefamily@aol.com
    Apr 3-5, 2020 Louisville Sectional Cancelled
    APR 6-12, 2020 Spring STaC Postponed - Reschedule TBA
    APR 18-19, 2020 D11 GNT Finals Postponed - Reschedule TBA
    May 1-3, 2020 Indianapolis Spring Sectional Cancelled

    AJSpecial Report 
    A. J. Stephani ACBL Board of Directors District 11 Representative
    For several weeks now I had been looking forward to this newsletter as a way of getting everyone amped up for the Columbus NABC. An NABC in one’s home District is a special opportunity, and they don’t happen very often for those of us in the Midwest. However, the Covid-19 crisis burst into the news a month or so ago, and it planted the tiniest seeds of doubt in Columbus. We wouldn’t actually cancel the NABC? I mean, it’s the ACBL National Championships – we’ve never canceled one of those since they began in 1927 (!!). That’s 93 years of continuous NABCs, uninterrupted by World War II, 9/11, or any other crisis....MORE
    Ohio order banning mass gatherings prohibits tournament.

    How to Play in the ACBL "Support Your Club Games on BridgeBaseOnline (BBO)
    These instructions are from BBO and show how to log on, Join BBO, and select the ACBL games of your choice.  Please follow their directions. Direct any qestions to their help service at support@bridgebase.com  The majority of the funds from these games will go back to the clubs you support. Coming Soon: In the near future specific clubs can host online play for players who played in their games in the past 90 days.   BBO DETAILS       ACBL FAQ

    ACBLWarning: Phishing e-mails on the rise.
    Susie Cordell, ACBL Director of Information Technology, counsels us how to handle suspicious emails. They are on the rise. They do not come from the ACBL email database. They come from any public source where bots can get your contact information. DETAILS

    Tournament Fees Increase April 1, 2020. 
    Fee Schedule

    Covid-19 Updates:
    Practice good hygiene.

    Covid 19 Transmission
    Public Rest Rooms
    CDC Recommendations Prevention & Treatment
    Ohio Department of Health News
    Johns Hopkins CSSE Covid-19 Tracker
    Covid 19 Statistics

    - April 18 & 19 Miami Valley Bridge Center, Dayton OH.      DETAILS.      FLYER

    The D11 Board of Directors revise ByLaws and Standing Rules
    Saturday February 1, 2020 in Indianapolis.  Thanks go to the Board and the Review Committee (Ryan Schultz, Steve Blank and Terrell Holt) for their efforts on behalf of the District.
    New!DISTRICT 11 FLIGHT C GNT ROTATION - Starting in 2021 (NOT 2020) the Units will host the Flight C GNT Finals as part of an existing Sectional or Regional Tournament.  This will allow I/N members from across District 11 to participate more fully in this important grass roots team competition.  The schedule for the rotation is as follows (specific dates pending):
    2021 - 136 (Dayton), 2022 - 193 (Evansville), 2023 - 117 (Lousiville), 2024 - 124 (Cincinnati), 2025 - 130 (Indianapolis), 2026 - 122 (Columbus), 2027 - 164 (Lexington)
    2020U26StephaniUSBF2TeamThe Isaac Stephani Team has qualified for the WBF Patiņo Cup Junior Championships to be held August 21 in Salsamaggiore, Italy.  Congratulations Issac and teammates! This will be Isaac's second time respresenting USBF in Junior World Championship Bridge.  Stephani (Beauchet-Chang, Berk-Soukup) defeated Fan (Wei, Si-Xiong) by 68 IMPs in the USA2 final. They will join Kaplan (USA1) this summer.
    Louis Amaury Beauchet, Hakan Berk, Isaac Stephani, David Soukup, Nolan Chang. Photo by Min Bai.
    Credit Card Processor for Regionals and some Sectionals. 

    The ACBL begins rolling our SQUARE in January 1, 2020.  This will allow credit card entry putchases and reduce the amount of cash managed at tournaments.  Tournament Director costs and Service costs are inreasing to cover the additional expense.
    All clubs are expected to report results and make payments to the ACBL starting February 2020.
    Board of Governor's Report - Here is the detailed report from the December 2019 Board of Governor's Meeting in San Francisco. 

    Effective September 2019 Teachers and Club Managers can earn incentives.  See the ACBL webpage at https://www.acbl.org/marketing_page/recruiter/ for full details. 
    ACBLUnit Recorders and Unit Disciplinary Chair positions eliminated January 1, 2020. 
    Motion 192-11 passed in Las Vegas by the Board of Directors. See page 17 at Las Vegas Excerpts.  The restructuring of the Recorder role provides better shared reporting, and superior training and skill at the District level.  Units wanting an Associate Recorder will be able to appoint one.  See Rob Gordon and Sabrina Goley TRAINING on this topic.  Contact Potter Orr potter@orrcomputer.com if your Unit will be requiring an Associate Recorder. 
    District 11 Stakeholder Workshops 2019
    Check out the workshops and audio recordings on this site.  Next is the ACBL Best Practices Bridge Teachers Workshop June 3 & 4, 2019 at the Cincinnati Bridge Club.  Questions?  Contact Steve Moese moesefamily@aol.com
    Calling all Directors & Players interested in the New Laws for Duplicate Bridge.  The World Bridge Federation Laws Committee has published its official commentary on the 2017 update to the Laws of Bridge.  There might be minor differences with ACBL regulations.  A great source to begin or further develop your understanding of the Laws of Duplicate bridge.  
    WBF 2017 Laws Commentary
                        WBF Definition Comparable Calls

    Want Growth?  Get behind the NEW D11 Education Initiative! Siraj Haji is supercharging Education for District 11.  Don't be left out.  Make your ideas and voices heard.  D11 growth depends on our success with these education initiatives.
    Reference Pages: 
    D11 Bridge Education        D11 Stakeholder Meetings
    Contact Steve Moese moesefamily@aol.com  or Siraj Haji sirajhaji@gmail.com 
    So How Are District 11 Regionals Doing? Here is the latest data from A. J. Stephani on Table Counts and Numbers of sessions per person played at our regionals. 
    Table Counts      #Sessions-Player Graphs  
    ACBL Maps (Clubs, Tournaments, Teachers, Youth Programs)
    Check out what's going on in D11 100 miles from these major cities in the next 90 days:
    Charleston WV, Cincinnati, Columbus, Evansville, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville

    ACBL D11 Board of Director Reports and Board of Governor's Reports (Other ACBL Information)
    Rank Change Letters -
    Here are the newest Rank Change Letters from our fellow District 11 members from August '17 to Apr '18.  Past Rank Change Letters are available on the District 11 Rank Change Letter page.
    AJ Stephani District 11 Representative, ACBL Board of Directors.
    The D11 Ethics and Proprieties Handbook
    is updated and ready for your use.  Feel free to share as you see fit.  All club managers and teachers are encouraged to share ethics of the game with all players.
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    2020 Regionals
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    2020 NAP/GNT
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