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    Midwest Monitor
     Cincinnati Flying Pig RegionalD11 Summer STaCAtlanta Summer NABC 2018Flying Buckeye - Split Evansville

    Don't Miss the D11 NABC Promotional Games at Participating D11 Clubs near you! May 7 to May 13th.  Play this sectionally Rated Game for $1 extra, and contribute toward hospitality and the success of the Columbus 2020 NABC Tournament.  Club Manager instructions. NAPQ GamesAll clubs in District 11 may run up to 2 North American Pair Qualifying games per month during June through August.  Players who qualify may plau in the District 11 Finals in Cincinnati on Sept 23 (Flt C) and Oct 28 (Flights A&B).  See D11 FAQs for details. 

    How can we get you and your partners to play in the NAP/GNT events in D11? 
    We want your opinion. The intent of this survey is to learn more about District 11 player preferences for the Grass Roots events (Grand National Teams / North American Pairs). Results will be used to improve attendance and quality of these events. This survey takes about 4 minutes or less than one bridge hand.    >Take the Survey
    New! ACBL Maps (Clubs, Tournaments, Teachers, Youth Programs)
    Check out what's going on in D11 100 miles from these major cities in the next 90 days:
    Charleston WV, Cincinnati, Columbus, Evansville, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville

    ALL D11 BRIDGE TEACHERS and CLUB OWNERS - Details from the District Roundtable Meeting on Sep 8, 2017
    are posted. Upcoming Roundtable Meeting in Louisville/Lexington will focus on Pianola and how best to use it. The Roundtable in Indianapolis will be for Tournament Chairs to discuss best practices.  Don't miss this great way to learn!
    AJ StephaniDistrict 11 ACBL Director Report - AJ Stephani: SPRING 2018 Philadelphia, PA                  district11director@acbl.org
    ACBL Board Member Notes Philadelphia NABC The Philly NABC and Board of Directors meeting in March is in the books, and like all NABCs, it had its ups and downs. Ups: NABC table count (3% over estimates- Yay!); MP awards in selected events (more on that later); 2017 ACBL final budget numbers (a surplus of $586K). Downs: early NABC snow (causing several Flight A NAP Pairs to miss their planes and the event itself); the 2018 ACBL budget (a projected deficit of $471K); ACBL membership (net total down in 2017); and District 11 success in high level events (with a few exceptions – see below).

    ACBL D11 Board of Director Reports and Board of Governor's Reports (Other ACBL Information)

    Philadelphia Spring 2018 Board of Governor's Report - S. A. Moese

    Rank Change Letters - Hi Everyone! One of the delights of being your District representative to the ACBL Board of Directors is reading all of your wonderful responses to the Change of Rank letters sent to you on my behalf.  I’m thrilled to continue in that tradition. Please take a moment to read through these testimonials! If you thought that the joy of our great game isn’t infectious, a few minutes with your fellow players will change that. When you achieve that next rank, send me a quick note or picture and pass it along! Here’s wishing that your favorite finesses work,
    AJ Stephani District 11 Representative, Board of Directors.  

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