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    Steve Moese
    Potter Orr

    Jan 18-24, 2021   Silver Linings Week 100% Silver, 2x Regular Club Points VACB Games
    Feb 13-14 Valentine's Weekend 2x Reg Club Pts, 1/2 Red, 1/2 Black
    Feb 15-21 Mid Winter Regional
    Feb 22-28 Education Foundation Week 2x Black Pts. Extra fee. VACB Games


    ACBLACBL ONLINE ENGAGEMENT - Suggested approaches to encouraging all members to play bridge online. Whom are you helping today? Details
    St Louis 2021The ACBL has canceled the 2021 Spring NABC scheduled for March 11-21, 2021 in St. Louis, MO.   Details

    ACBL Cancels all tournaments through April 30, 2021.  Details


    Ben Fisk2020NAOBCU1500ChampsStarting at the 30th seed out of 36 teams, Ben's team won their four-way play-in over Seed 29 Lieberman.  Then they dispatched the following opponents on their way to the finals:
    Round of 32: Rockoff (30) defeats Walsh (3) 136-42, in a match they led every quarter.
    Round of 16: Rockoff defeats Ravenscroft 163-66, in a match they led every quarter.
    Round of 8: Rockoff defeats Kayser, 104-74, in a match they led every quarter.
    Semi-finals: Rockoff defeats Niu 147-97.  After falling behind Q1 19-34, they regained the lead in Q2 68-53, then ran away in Q3 115-69.
    Finals: Rockoff defeats Ge in a come-from-behind 4th Quarter reversing a 17 IMP deficit to win by 16. Congratulations Ben! District 11 is very proud of your accomplishment!
    Bridge Videos2019 Video - 15 minutes Ted Talk describing the benefits of Bridge
    Bridge - The Ultimate Mind Game | Sunil Varghese | TEDxGLIMChennai

    1989 UK Video in two parts featuring Zia Mahmood, Omar Sharif, Eric Rodwell and many stars. How many do you know?
    The Ace of Hearts - Part 1                             The Ace of Hearts - Part 2

    Master Bridge Series - Master Bridge was a TV series created and produced in England. It was broadcast on Channel 4 Television in 1983. Compiled by Shirheen Mohandes
    Master Bridge Series - Episode 1
    (Follow on episodes are found on the YouTube page adjacent to the episode you are watching.)

    2013 Canadian TV Video on Junior Experts and Professional Bridge
    In the Cards - The Secret World of Professional Bridge

    Samantha McDouglass from Bridgeteachers.com offers: How to Play Bridge on BBO


    ACBLKeep abreast with changing regulations:
    New Alert Procedures - effective January 1, 2020
    Conditions of Contest for 0nline Bridge - Appendix O -
    Effective August 2020
    Convention Charts -
    Effective 12 February 2020

    Congratulations to our new District 11 Board of Directors Officers for 2021-2022:
    Steve Moese President U124 moesefamily@aol.com
    Andra Gyor Vice President U164 andra.gyor@gmail.com 
    Maribeth Ransel Secretary U130 marjoeransel@live.com
    Potter Orr Treasurer U124 potter@orrcomputer.com

    AJA. J. Stephani ACBL Board of Directors District 11 Representative
    June Update on ACBL Developments - I’ve been providing more updates than usual, which shouldn’t be surprising given the rate at which the ACBL is making on-the-fly adjustments to news in the world around us. It’s certainly a period in our lives that we won’t easily forget, unfortunately so, and I hope you’re making the best of it. I want to put in a plug here for making sure you can receive email communications from the ACBL. This is the best way to receive news about what’s going on in the bridge universe, and not just for the ACBL. Our District, your Unit, and even some of your clubs use your ACBL preferences and contact information to notify you of developments. If you don’t currently receive these messages, here’s what you can do:
    • Go to “
    ACBL.org”, then click the
    • "
    MyACBL" button (you’ll need to register if you haven’t done so already), then click
    • "
    Privacy Settings" in left hand menu, then click
    • "
    Subscribe" under "General Email Communication", (make sure your current email address is correct under “Member Information” and correct if necessary), then click the
    • "
    Update" button ...MORE
    Spring 2020 Update
    Special Report (March 2020) 
    Bridge CLosedWhen does face-to-face bridge reopen? State and Local Health Regulations and Orders matter, and so does common sense.  Here are the ACBL Reopening Recommendations.

    Table Screens
    COVID Screens - some states require barriers between people Screen design
    situated closer than 6 feet from each other.  If your club is considering reopeining and you want an affordable do-it-yourself table barrier, see this Bridgewinner's Article COVID Screens.  

     BBOHow to Play in the ACBL "Support Your Club" and Virtual Club  Games on BridgeBaseOnline (BBO)
    These instructions are from BBO and show how to log on, Join BBO, and select the ACBL games of your choice.  Please follow their directions. Direct any qestions to their help service at support@bridgebase.com  The majority of the funds from these games will go back to the clubs you support. See ACBL Bridge Feed APRIL 6 for details on Virtual Club Games.      BBO DETAILS       ACBL FAQ

    Covid-19 Updates:
    Practice good hygiene.

    CDC Recommendations
    Covid 19 Transmission
    Public Rest Rooms
    Depts of Health:
      Indiana  Kentucky   West Virginia
    Ohio   Indiana   Kentucky   West Virginia       
    Johns Hopkins        Reuters(By State)
    Covid 19 Statistics      JAMA covid-19 Articles

    District 11 Stakeholder Workshops
    Check out the workshops and audio recordings on this site.  Next is the ACBL Best Practices Bridge Teachers Workshop at the next Regional TBD.  Questions?  Contact Steve Moese moesefamily@aol.com                   
    Want Growth?  Get behind the NEW D11 Education Initiative! Siraj Haji is supercharging Education for District 11.  Don't be left out.  Make your ideas and voices heard.  D11 growth depends on our success with these education initiatives.
    Reference Pages: 
    D11 Bridge Education        D11 Stakeholder Meetings
    Contact Steve Moese moesefamily@aol.com  or Siraj Haji sirajhaji@gmail.com 
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    2020 Regionals
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    2020 NAP/GNT
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