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    ACBL Region 7 eff 1/1/23
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    ACBL bulletins affecting bridge rules and organization policy.


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    Steve Moese
    Potter Orr

       D11NAPFinals2023 LouLex2023 Atlanta NABC2024 Indianapolis Regional


    Larry Sealy
    Larry Sealy, Region 7 Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors
    Board Report from Chicago July 2023, annotated:  Report
    "The budget is in better shape than it was at this time last year. Hopefully, with tournament attendance increasing, that will hold. While membership dues will go up next year, members can renew early. If you would like to take advantage of the “old” dues, you can renew for up to 3 additional years on ACBL.org. Just click on “Renew” near the upper right corner. " More

    D11NAPFinalsD11 NAP FINALS - October 14 (Flight B) and Octover 15 (Flights A and C) at the Cincinnati Bridge Center.  Qualified Players.
    If you believe you have qualified but your name is not shown, talk to the club owners in whose game you qualified.
    1312 D11 Members have qualified.  We hope you all show up to play!

    Districts 7, 10, and 11 have joined to offer a week of ROYAL STaC fun with proceeds after expenses going to the Louisville NABC Committee.  ROYAL STaCs offer GOLD+RED+SILVER+BLACK points in equal portion.  What makes this STaC special is the broad base on which overall awards will be judgesd - greatly raising the number of masterpoints possible in simultaneous events of equal design.
    ACBL Tournament Page
    D11 Club Managers - Register yout CLUB Today! Instructions

    Check out what many are calling the BEST BRIDGE VIDEO EVER
    Can you name all the current and rising stars in the video? 
    If you want help, check out this BridgeWinner's post

    "As promised....Proof that bridge is the best game in the world with the BEST PEOPLE. Thanks for everyone that participated, and especially to my amazing partner Alejandro Bianchedi and my I -MOVIE teacher and daughter Jackie Cole!"

    - Margie Tucker Cole

    Louisville 2024
    NABC Sponsorship Order Form
    NAME A GAME at the March 2024 NABC in Louisville!

    Did you know you can sponsor a game, a day, or an event at the Louisville NABC? Name a bridge game at the March 2024 North American Bridge Championships in honor of someone or something (including your club or business).  The game name selected by the sponsor will appear in the official NABC schedule and a write-up about the honoree will appear in the daily online tournament bulletin published by the NABC.  For multi-session sponsorships the game name will appear in each session of the official tournament schedule in which the sponsored game is played.
    Sponsorship donation levels are listed below.  Donations will be used primarily to pay expenses that support volunteers who facilitate the 2024 North American Bridge Championships.
    Donation Levels
    One-session games - $125,
    Two-session games - $200,
    Four-session games - $400,
    Six-session games - $500
    Payments can be made by checks made out to “2024 Spring NABC Louisville.”  For more information, contact Bob Losey at rllosey@gmail.com or Beth Reid at  breidwillow@gmail.com .  

    SPONSOR A DAY (or DAYS) at the March 2024 NABC in Louisville! Individuals, clubs, businesses, and other entities can sponsor one of eleven available days.  ACBL members and bridge clubs in District 11 can sponsor a day recognizing themselves, friends, or in memoriam. The sponsorship donation required per sponsored day for ACBL members and clubs is $1200.  The sponsorship will be recognized in the official NABC schedule and will be explained and/or memorialized in the daily online NABC bulletin. Businesses may choose to sponsor a day at higher donations, and their sponsorship provides access to District 11 ACBL members and clubs in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia.  Contact either Frank Collecchia frankcollecchia@gmail.com or Bob Losey rllosey@gmail.com for more information and pricing.

    Louisville 2024Louisville NABC Fundraising                     FLYER
    The District 11 Board voted unanimously to approve the following fundraising to support the work of the 2024 Louisville NABC Committee:

    Through March 1, 2024, all Regional and Sectional tournaments (but not Sectional Tournaments at Clubs - STaCs) will be assessed a $1 per person surcharge.  This includes NLM and progressive tournaments. 

    All funds raised by tournaments and clubs should be sent promptly by check payable to: Louisville 2024 NABC and mailed to: Chuck Fassler, Louisville Bridge Club, 9870 Linn Station Road, Louisville, KY 40223

    page lists all ACBL bulletins affecting bridge rules and organization policy.  Check it out!


    ACBL ANNOUNCES CHANGE TO VACCINATION POLICY FOR NABC TOURNAMENTS. Starting in Atlanta, Fall 2023 Covid-19 Vaccinations will no longer be required. Chicago July 2023 will still require proof of vaccination. Details.

      How Well Do You Know Bridge Ethics and Proprieties?
    Here is a 5 minute Norwegian film (english Subtitles) that will test your sense of proper behavior at the bridge table. How many mistakes can you count? Watch the video and check your count against this LIST. Thanks to the Norwegian Bridge Federation for the video, and Sofie SjøDal for posting this to Bridge winners at: The Sheriff Is Not Always Ethical 

    The ACBL will begin production of the new forms when the current inventory runs out.  There will be a transition period from the old card to the new one. The formal use of the card in tournaments will take place this year, after multiple Bulletin articles to help explain the changes and the proper way to fill out the card. This version does not include a score sheet, only the front page. Here is a .pdf ELECTRONIC FORM you can fill out then print or save and share electronically with your partner.  You have to manually fill in your lead agreements. 

    Here is a version you can print and fill out manually

    SharkBridgeShark Bridge Teacher's Console is the choice for many successful Online Bridge teachers. This is the future for teaching bridge, whether online or in person! Cost is very modest and the technology creates a very enjoyable experience for students.  Demo Videos

    District 11 Stakeholder Workshops
    Check out the workshops and audio recordings on this site.  Next is the ACBL Best Practices Bridge Teachers Workshop at the next Regional TBD.  Questions?  Contact Steve Moese moesefamily@aol.com                   

    Want Growth?  Get behind the D11 Education Initiative! Siraj Haji is supercharging Education for District 11.  Don't be left out.  Make your ideas and voices heard.  D11 growth depends on our success with these education initiatives.
    Reference Pages: 
    D11 Bridge Education        D11 Stakeholder Meetings
    Contact Steve Moese moesefamily@aol.com  or Siraj Haji sirajhaji@gmail.com 

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