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    AJ StephaniDistrict 11 ACBL Director Report - AJ Stephani: Fall 2018 Honolulu, HI                  district11director@acbl.org
    Many people have asked about my trip to Hawaii for our Fall meetings; I often respond that a conference room in Honolulu looks much the same as a conference room in Omaha. We spend the better part of 4 days sitting in these conference rooms taking part in committee meetings, appeals of disciplinary hearings (there are 7 of us who serve on last year’s Appeals & Charges Committee, which is a little like the ACBL’s Supreme Court), and getting through the Board agenda. I voted against having our meetings in Honolulu, as we could have done the same thing in Horn Lake, MS  (ACBL HQ is located there) for a lot less money. It IS convenient to have our meetings at the NABCs – many of us attend ACBL committee and ACBL-affiliated organizational meetings while we’re there. We also try to touch base with our teachers, club managers, patron members, directors, professional players, and other stakeholders within the ACBL. It’s just unfortunate that this particular opportunity, at a time when we can bear few unnecessary costs, was so expensive. As usual, I want to continue focusing on decisions that matter most to our players, but if you’re not interested in a particular item, feel free to skip to the next one. I also want to maintain an approach that balances the informational content (what did the Board decide?) with opinion (why did I vote a certain way?).

    Best Practices Teacher WorkshopAttention all interested Bridge Teachers! June 3 & 4 2019
    Unit 124 and District 11 will host the ACBL Best Practices Teacher Workshop at the Cincinnati Bridge Center.  $100 check or money order in advance reserves your spot.  An additional $25 required for certification.  Unit 124 Pays your fee after you teach two bridge class sessions in the Unit.
    Sign Up Today! DetailsQuestions? Contact Steve Moese moesefamily@aol.com  We are limited to 36 seats.  As if Patty Tucker's accomplishments as GLM and one of the ACBL's leading Teachers and Recruiters, She receives the Blackwood Award this Year.  Announcement

    7 Mar 2019

    Cindy's Way - by Russell Shoup
    We here in Unit 136 (Miami Valley Bridge Association - Dayton) are happy to celebrate our good friend Cindy VanVliet.  Cindy made Life Master at the Indianapolis Regional this year.  With Mr. Brian VanVliet they placed 2nd in the Compact Knockout early in the week.  The WON the Gold Rush Pairs! Finally they tied 3rd/4th in the Open 2-day Knockout Teams! Those 30+ Masterpoints put her over with a BANG! on Feb 3. To Cindy we dedicate this tribute to out lM journey.  Kathy Gerend-Mekingin of CIncinnati and I co-produced this anthem -- performed a the Dayton Regional as the Gala Finale showpiece on Feb 3, 1979 -- exactly 40 years before Cindy's success (apologies to Frank Sinatra). My Way.... 
    District 11 Stakeholder Workshops 2019
    Check out the workshops and audio recordings on this site.  Next is the ACBL Best Practices Bridge Teachers Workshop June 3 & 4, 2019 at the Cincinnati Bridge Club.  Questions?  Contact Steve Moese moesefamily@aol.com

    COLUMBUS 2020 NEWS!!
    Update 17 Mar 2019
    Here's our Tournament Logo!  The Columbus NABC is March 19-29, 2020. 
    Mark your calednars now for the Columbus 2020 NABC Promotional Week at all District 11 clubs.  This year the week is May 7th through May 13th, 2019.  Details on the Columbus 2020 Page, along with Committee members, contact information and a brief update.  Tournament Chair: Cheryl Schneider
    Calling all Directors & Players interested in the New Laws for Duplicate Bridge.  The World Bridge Federation Laws Committee has published its official commentary on the 2017 update to the Laws of Bridge.  This 38 page publication is a much simpler way to understand the intent and application of each law than the current 157 page Laws of Duplicate Bridge.  Note - since this is a WBF publication there might be minor differences with ACBL regulations.  Neverless it is a great source to begin or further develop your understanding of the Laws of Duplicate bridge.  
    WBF 2017 Laws Commentary
                        WBF Definition Comparable Calls

    Want Growth?  Get behind the NEW D11 Education Initiative! Vangie Smith and Kit Overpeck (Louisville) are supercharging Education for District 11.  Don't be left out.  Make your ideas and voices heard.  Here is the proposal they reviewed with the D11 Board Saturday September 8, 2018.  D11 growth depends on our success with these education initiatives.
    Reference Pages: 
    D11 Bridge Education        D11 Stakeholder Meetings
    Vangie: lbavangie@gmail.com   and   Kit: kitoverpeck@yahoo.com   to volunteer! 
    So How Are District 11 Regionals Doing? Here is the latest data from A. J. Stephani on Table Counts and Numbers of sessions per person played at our regionals. 
    Table Counts      #Sessions-Player Graphs  
    The District 11 Board of Directors voted unanimously to end the publication of the Midwest monitor effective July 1, 2018.  The District lowers costs by several thousand dollars, costs it passed on to the Units.  We encourage Unit Representatives to send human interest news for posting to the Distirct 11 website.  We encourage all District members to use their Unit and District websites to find out what's new, and keep abreast of special events of interest. 
    ACBL Maps (Clubs, Tournaments, Teachers, Youth Programs)
    Check out what's going on in D11 100 miles from these major cities in the next 90 days:
    Charleston WV, Cincinnati, Columbus, Evansville, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville


    ACBL D11 Board of Director Reports and Board of Governor's Reports (Other ACBL Information)
    Atlanta Summer 2018 Board of Governor's Report - S. A. Moese
    Rank Change Letters -
    Here are the newest Rank Change Letters from our fellow District 11 members from August '17 to Apr '18.  Past Rank Change Letters are available on the District 11 Rank Change Letter page.
    AJ Stephani District 11 Representative, ACBL Board of Directors.
    The D11 Ethics and Proprieties Handbook is updated and ready for your use.  Feel free to share as you see fit.  All club managers and teachers are encouraged to share ethics of the game with all players.

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    2018 Regionals
    2018 Sectionals
    2018 NAP/GNT
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    2019 Regionals
    2019 Sectionals
    2019 NAP/GNT
    2019 STaCs

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