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    (That's right - Sunday through Thursday)
    Game schedule and Tournament details - Gold Rush Events galore in 5 exciting days. 4-session Open Pairs Championship. New Sunday Start (site availability) at the newly renovated Marriot Delta Hotel (Formerly the Ramada Plaza) at 11320 Chester Road, Cincinati OH 45246.  Special $89/night Bridge room rate.  Reserve soon. Plan now. Get your vaccinations!!! Don't miss the only Regional Tournament in District 11 until June 2022.
    NAPQJune-July-August are NAPQ qualifying months.  If you qualify you can compete in the District 11 Finals at the Cincinnati Bridge Center 2860 Cooper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241
    Check Who's Qualified

    Due to Covid-19 Delta.

    NewCCDraftDRAFT - NEW ACBL CONVENTION CARD - for review and comment
    The Competition & Conventions Committee has proposed a new convention card that better reflects the new ACBL Convention charts.  Big changes are:
    Separate areas for each of 1♣ and 1. (Those who play better minor don't need to fill out the minor sections twice, there is a check box for 'same as over 1♣).
    Greatly expanded defensive carding methods section.  
    Limit the use of names for conventions where possible.  
    More room for style on preempts, and what is to be expected from a balanced opening.
    The new alert procedures have also been incorporated with the same color coding: Red=Alert, Blue=Announce  
    What do you think?     Draft Convention Card       Feedback   

    ACBLACBL ONLINE ENGAGEMENT - Suggested approaches to encouraging all members to play bridge online. Whom are you helping today? Details

    SharkBridgeShark Bridge Teacher's Console
    is the choice for many successful Online Bridge teachers. This is the future for teaching bridge, whether online or in person! Cost is very modest and the technology creates a very enjoyable experience for students.  Demo Videos
    How to Use Bridge Base Online (Sylvana Morici) How to Alert your Bids (Sylvana Morici)
    Adding BBO $'s to your account (Sylvana Morici) How to Set up your convention card (S.Morici)
    How to Bid and Play (Sylvana Morici) How to Play on BBO (Samantha McDouglas)

    AJA. J. Stephani ACBL Board of Directors District 11 Representative
    I’ve been providing more updates than usual, which shouldn’t be surprising given the rate at which the ACBL is making on-the-fly adjustments to news in the world around us. I want to put in a plug here for making sure you can receive email communications from the ACBL. This is the best way to receive news about what’s going on in the bridge universe, and not just for the ACBL. Our District, your Unit, and even some of your clubs use your ACBL preferences and contact information to notify you of developments. If you don’t currently receive these messages, here’s what you can do:
    • Go to “
    ACBL.org”, then click the
    • "
    MyACBL" button (you’ll need to register if you haven’t done so already), then click
    • "
    Privacy Settings" in left hand menu, then click
    • "
    Subscribe" under "General Email Communication", (make sure your current email address is correct under “Member Information” and correct if necessary), then click the
    • "
    Update" button ...MORE
    Coming SoonWhen does face-to-face bridge reopen? State and Local Health Regulations and Orders matter, and so does common sense.  Here are the ACBL Reopening Recommendations.

    BBOHow to Play in the ACBL "Support Your Club" and Virtual Club  Games on BridgeBaseOnline (BBO)
    These instructions are from BBO and show how to log on, Join BBO, and select the ACBL games of your choice.  Please follow their directions. Direct any qestions to their help service at support@bridgebase.com  The majority of the funds from these games will go back to the clubs you support. See ACBL Bridge Feed APRIL 6 for details on Virtual Club Games.      BBO DETAILS       ACBL FAQ

    Covid-19 Updates:
    Departments of Health:
    Ohio   Indiana  Kentucky   West Virginia
    Ohio   Indiana   Kentucky   West Virginia       
    Johns Hopkins        Reuters(By State)
    Covid 19 Statistics      JAMA covid-19 Articles

    District 11 Stakeholder Workshops
    Check out the workshops and audio recordings on this site.  Next is the ACBL Best Practices Bridge Teachers Workshop at the next Regional TBD.  Questions?  Contact Steve Moese moesefamily@aol.com                   
    Want Growth?  Get behind the NEW D11 Education Initiative! Siraj Haji is supercharging Education for District 11.  Don't be left out.  Make your ideas and voices heard.  D11 growth depends on our success with these education initiatives.
    Reference Pages: 
    D11 Bridge Education        D11 Stakeholder Meetings
    Contact Steve Moese moesefamily@aol.com  or Siraj Haji sirajhaji@gmail.com 
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